Chapter 1638 I Am Not Angry With Her

Beto and Teresa decide to cautiously tell Rosemary what is happening.

“Rosemary, we are very angry about what your mother did.” Beto patiently explains, “Therefore, we want you to be spared our grief.”

“Why can't Mom talk to me? Does she hate me too?” Rosemary asks not understanding.

“No, I don't think she hates you.” Not even Beto could answer that. Why is Pamela so eager to talk to Rosemary? Maternal love or desire to annoy Beto?

“It’s because we don't want you to get hurt.” Teresa helps her boyfriend, “For example, in the letter, she talks about wanting you to live with her without Pedro. Do you want to separate from your little brother?”

“No, I don’t want.” Rosemary wiggles, “Mom could come back if she wants to be with me.”

“Exactly, daughter.” Beto smiles, “Your grandmother is in Victoria to talk to her and make her understand.”


“And the next time you get a letter, give it to us,” Teresa remembers this detail.

Rosemary nods, and calmer, she continues to eat breakfast.

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