Chapter 1645 Back to the Old Shape

The next day, Daryl is teaching Diane how to make a cocktail for the customer. Diane struggles as a beginner but is determined to excel. Daryl tries the second attempt, but grimaces.

“Hmm... Less sugar, honey.” He comments.

“Oh, I'm sorry, honey.” Diane is dismayed.

“Don't worry. You will be able to please the customers.” Daryl smiles encouragingly.

“Then allow me to try again.” Diane prepares the ingredients for the third attempt.

As Diane prepares another dose, Shirley strides into the Crystal Blue, looking desperate.

“You really abandoned your mother, huh!” Shirley complains, “Because of that, I couldn't give you horrible news!”

“Did Bernardo have a relapse?” Daryl asks, “Did he go back to the hospital?”

“No, thank God.” Shirley sighs, “But your sister and sister-in-law won't let me into the penthouse for more details.”

“And I can't blame them, can I, Mom?” Daryl scolds her lightly, “Tell me the bad news.”

“Yesterday I was fired from Rocha Constructions! Josias Rocha will no longer
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