Chapter 1644 We Thank You for Your Dedication

In Melissa's office, Jack Motta appears well-groomed, hair styled in gel, jeans smelling new and with the dye very fresh, and socks smelling like fabric softener. The woody scent caused a feast in Melissa's nostrils.

“Wow, what is all this production due to?”

“I need to impress the owner and head writer on the soap I'm going to work on,” Jack responds jokingly as he sits down.

Melissa promptly extends his character spec sheet, “Here, Jack, take this for you to read and study the ‘Matias’ character. There we have all his previous information so you can dive right into the interpretation. We have the feelings, the wants, what he wants to achieve, and who he's going to interact with directly.”

Jack marvels at everything so meticulously prepared, “Wow, Mrs. Mountain! How do you manage to prepare this with such care? I didn't know I had to go through all this.”

“You know how it is, we need to create believable, flesh-and-blood characters, believable enough for the viewer to forget a little
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