Chapter 1646 New Installations

Josias is more comfortable after Bernardo's recovery and the resolution of David's custody to Angela. Only then was he able to guide the special meeting he had arranged with Tiago.

So, in the conference room, he, Tiago, Alfred, Simeon, and Octavio were gathered to discuss the main agenda for 1996.

“We are all listening to you, master.” Tiago gestures for Josias to begin.

“Guys, I want to thank you for the massive support of all of you in these years that Rocha Constructions has existed. So I hope to continue supporting this great project I have in mind.”

Break. Josias drinks a glass of water that Katherine left for him.

“I want to build our headquarters from scratch. I want to leave the Vargas Building after more than ten years. It's time for a company of the magnitude of ours to have its own building, don't you think?”

The other gentlemen were astonished. A building of its own for the head office of Rocha Constructions?

Tiago is the least surprised because he already knew beforehand.
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