Chapter 1653 Josias and Kate Get Engaged (1)

Saturday arrived, and with it, the engagement party for Josias and Katherine, with the wedding already confirmed for 1997.

Katherine wears a very elegant pink long dress with an off-the-shoulder neckline. The stylist was inspired by Julia Roberts and Lady Di for this, and everyone agreed that Katherine deserved to shine like the two aforementioned ladies.

Josias and the other gentlemen wear suits and tuxedos of the most varied types and colors, although our hero opted for the classic black tux with a vest.

The ballroom was well lit and Lilian led the servants as if she were the head of a buffet. Glasses of champagne were offered to guests.

To show that he had no remorse, Josias invited William, but the former brother-in-law insisted on showing anger and dissatisfaction. While he lived in a simple working-class house, behold, his disaffection boasted this mansion.

Caio nudged his father, “Happy that face, old man.”

“What kind of mania is it to call your father ‘old’.” William grumbles,
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