Chapter 1654 Josias and Kate Get Engaged (2)

Beto arrives with his family. Josias notices how elegant Teresa looks in a sleeveless dress with the hem almost touching the floor.

“Hello, Beto! Thanks for coming.”

“Before they start with the jokes, I'll tell you that Tess is my girlfriend,” Beto informs him.

“Our new mother, Uncle Josias!” Pedro exclaims satisfied.

Josias strokes Pedro's hair and then faces Rosemary, “And you, princess, how are you?”

“I'm fine, just a little worried.”


“I don't know if my mother will come back since Aunt Vera has returned,” Rosemary responds innocently.

Even so, Beto and Teresa almost had a nervous breakdown. They didn't think they would have to ask Rosemary to keep it a secret!

Josias manages to disguise his surprise with mastery and even responds to his ‘niece’, “Rosemary, your aunt Carmen just told me that your mother is at your grandfather's house. Don't worry, she won't hurt you.”

“In the letter, she said that she only wanted the best for me. I am confused, Uncle Josias.” She scratches h
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