Chapter 1652 Therapy for Vera

Katherine returns to Rocha Constructions after having lunch at the mansion. Alfred appears at her desk.

“Kate, you missed your fiancé's announcement. Shirley Mountain no longer works among us.”

“He told me over breakfast.” Kate responds with a gentle smile, “It's too bad, I liked the cookies. But she never regretted her evil deeds against her daughter...”

“Yeah, you can't defend her after it's been proven that she wasn't a prostitute. Why would a mother do that to the daughter she has mothered?”

“Out of sheer jealousy. She was in love with Mr. Marçal, but I heard that she is dating her brother-in-law. Why did she do so much havoc for nothing?” Katherine scratches her head.

“And how are the preparations for the big party doing?” Alfred asks excitedly.

“Great. You will come?”

Octavio returns from lunch and follows the conversation from here.

“Yes, I will. Will we have interesting people to meet?” Alfred asks looking at Octavio.

“Of course!” Katherine assures, “I just can't guarantee tha
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