Chapter 1660 Arrangements at the Funeral

At Café Montanha, Jack has just signed the cover of Maggiezine for a passionate fan.

“Good reading!” He smiles kindly.

After the fan walks away, Veronica jokes, “Do you think she'll be able to read anything? She will frame the cover on her bedroom wall and spend hours drooling and worshiping you.”

“And will you be jealous?” Jack asks jokingly.

“No, because the day will come when Playboy will extend the invitation to me.” Veronica jokes.

Jack laughs, “Don't tell that around my dad.”

Veronica stops laughing, “Honey, is it just me, or didn’t your father like me?”

Jack is surprised by the sudden question, “What's this, honey? No, my father loves you as a future daughter-in-law.”

“But he doesn't love me as part of the family,” Veronica concludes sourly.

Jack takes her right hand, “Don't talk like that, honey. My dad is still getting used to me being famous.”

“Yes, you said he forbade you to achieve fame for fear you'd get AIDS.” Veronica snorts, “Now he understands that it's not that easy,
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