Chapter 1661 Indication

Tuesday. Beto is meeting with William in his office, at the Ramos supermarket.

“William, I brought you here to discuss what I intend to do from now on. I told Mr. Ramos that I will leave to take care of my father's building.”

“A pity, Beto.” William laments, “We like you here.”

“Yes, but that's how business is.” Beto puts his hand on his friend's shoulder, “Can I nominate you to be the next manager here?”

William is stunned by the indication, "Beto... Do you think I'm ready?"

“Of course, you always did a good job at the warehouse.” Beto nods, “All you have to do is pay attention to the other sections of the supermarket and learn how they work. I learned and managed to overcome myself, and so can you.”

“I'm looking for a pay raise.” William laughs, “You can refer me to Mr. Ramos, Beto. Thank you so much for remembering me.”

“I do it for our friendship, comrade.” Beto and William hug each other.


Isabel visits Teodoro's building with narrowed eyes and strangely holding her purse. I
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