Chapter 1659 Let's Use the Revolver

Kelvin is talking to Daryl on his way from Café Mendonça to Crystal Blue. They cross the Main Square while talking.

“And when Alan asked if Melissa still loved Josias, it was to see if we were going to walk away from the city as Angela and David did.” Kelvin chuckles.

But Daryl doesn't laugh along with him, “Bro, this is really weird. Why did your stepson ask such a silly question?”

Kelvin stops laughing and sees how pissed off his older brother is, “Daryl, stop, I won't let—”

“Won't you let me show you the truth you insist on denying?” Daryl sternly interrupts him, “You need to earn the love and respect of Josias Rocha's children.”

“I am trying.” Kelvin justifies himself, “But it's not like I'm in some competition.”

“Believe me, little brother, it's a competition. Unfortunately, the game is not easy, but you already knew that when you decided to date a woman who already had two children, correct?”

Kelvin refuses to be radical, “Daryl, you're overreacting. It's easy for you to say bec
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