Chapter 1666 When the Joy Ends

Melissa almost drops the platter with the ham sandwiches. Veronica reaches out to take it, but Melissa catches herself in time and places the tray on top of the marble countertop.

“Veronica, don't play with such a thing.” She asks her cousin.

“Why would I joke about such a subject?” Veronica blinks, “It's entirely normal. Do you think I won't have children when I marry Jack?”

“Are you going to marry Jack?” Melissa tries to deflect the subject.

“We are still dating. Hey, why are you deflecting the subject?”

Melissa takes one of the sandwiches and eats, “I don't know... I'm wondering how Josias and my kids are going to react.”

“Josias will wish you well and that you don't die in childbirth, and Alan and Caroline will celebrate the arrival of another little brother or sister.” Veronica sums it all up with childlike ease.

But Melissa doesn't think the solution will be so easy. If Josias gets angry... Would he order an abortion?

What if he's a boy? What if this son also wants to feel entit
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