Chapter 1670 The Natural Order of Commerce

At the entrance of Marçal Publishing, Bernardo and Maggie find Shirley again selling her butter cookies to the company's employees. Even the security guards at the entrance who were supposed to expel her surrendered to the taste of the delicacy.

“Thank you very much, young man.” Shirley greets them mockingly, “Oh, good morning? Do you want a bag of shortbread cookies?”

“Which of these does not contain potassium chloride?” Maggie asks bitterly.

Shirley just laughs, “This daughter of mine was always good-natured.”

Bernardo is short and direct, “The point is this, my mother-in-law: Josias Rocha has determined that you must sell this crap at the entrance of the Vargas Building. It seems that the people at Rocha Constructions miss this delicacy.” The word 'delicacy' came out with irony.

Shirley breaks the wry smile, “They miss my cookies, but not me?”

“You got the message.” Maggie warns her, “If you refuse to sell to more customers and expand your sales, then that means you're only here ou
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