Chapter 1671 Caio Wants to Help

Harold and Wallace are furious at the prospect of Vera showing up at their house at any moment.

“This is absurd! We need to call the police!” Wallace states shaking with rage.

“But on what charge would we order her arrest?” Harold scratches his chin, “Should I use the revolver?”

“Mr. Freire,” Beto's voice trembles, “I want to take this opportunity and ask you not to go to that extreme. Please, don't kill my sister.”

“Mr. Reis..."

“You can call me Beto, or Roberto.”

“My young Roberto, your sister has done a tremendous amount of harm in our lives, and apparently, she won’t stop until she sees me dead.”

Wallace hugs his father tightly, “You're not going to die, Dad. I forbid you!”

“But how will my heart take so much stress?” Harold questions him, “I won't put up it, just like Teodoro couldn't bear it.”

Beto lumps in his throat, “Mr. Freire, if Vera shows up here, you can call the police and accuse her of disturbing the peace in the neighborhood. But please, hide the gun from Mrs. Freire.
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