Chapter 1672 Accusation Denied

Diane took the liberty of turning the living room radio back on. As Metallica's song "Hero of the Day" sets in the living room, she's calling Maggie.

On the other side, in her office, Maggie answers the call, “Hello?”

“Maggie, this is Diane, your future sister-in-law.”

Maggie smiles, “I already consider you part of the family. What is it, Diane?”

“Are you aware that Melissa is pregnant?”

“Yes, my brothers informed me yesterday.”

“It seems that Will Campos is not joyful with the good news. He said Kelvin raped Melissa just like in the 19th century and now she is pregnant against her will.”

Maggie rages and punches the desk, “What an imbecile! I don't know how Melissa still puts up with this irresponsible person! And to think he was a famous soccer player ten years ago...”

“He failed as a soccer player and he failed as a member of the Executive Board of Rocha Constructions...” Diane still has questions in her mind.

Maggie notices this, “Diane, do you still have any questions?”

“Don't be
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