Chapter 1673 Kind of Unexpected Visit

Wednesday. William and Caio are getting ready, the father going to work, and the son going to school.

“Today will be my last day at the warehouse, son.” William excitedly announces, “I’ll resign to start building our store.”

“Have you decided whether to be an ice cream parlor or a pizzeria?” Caio asks as he puts on his sneakers.

“Which do you prefer?” William turns on the radio and Andrea Bocelli's song “Vivo Per Lei” fills the living room.

“How chic we are with Italian music.” Caio jokes, “I prefer pizzeria.”

“We would have to hire a pizza maker. And the store will always be open at night.” William warns him.

“Great, so I can help you,” Caio assures him with a smile.

Someone knocks on the door. Caio smiles in anticipation.

“Who will be?” William opens the door and immediately wants to close it in Josias's face, “NO! GET OUT!”

Josias holds the doorjamb masterfully, “Don't insult me, William!”


Caio gets up, “Actually, father, I was the one
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