Chapter 1674 We Have Job Openings

William turns off the radio angrily and doesn't know whether to beat Caio for calling out to his enemy.

“Caio, why and what did you call Josias, eh? By what authority, who allowed you to step over me, challenge me in such an outrageous way—”

Josias cuts the melodrama, “Stop it, what an endless sentence! Will, Caio wants the best for you.”

“GET OUT, you're in my house! I don’t step foot in that damn mansion.”

Josias, like any businessman, doesn't want to waste time, “William, Caio came to me wanting your business to be built by Rocha Constructions. I feel kind of offended that YOU didn’t come to me.”

William's eyes are bloodshot, “You mean I'm obligated to hire you, you worm?”

“In a way, yes. Like it or not, I was married to your sister and you have two nephews. Caio is also my nephew, we are all from the same family!”

“Cut that talk!”

“And I won't even go into details about the fact that Rocha Constructions is the best civil construction company. In three months your pizzeria or ice c
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