Chapter 1675 Wrongdoings at the Rocha Hotel

Caio is flattered when Josias says he deserves to work at Rocha Constructions.

“Thank you, Uncle Josias, but I prefer to work with my father.”

“Well done, you idiot!” William cheers, thinking that Caio has offended Josias.

But neither Caio meant to offend, nor did Josias feel offended.

Josias declares, “I'll send you the quote, William. And don't even think about turning it down.”


Josias breaks his smile, “If you refuse, I will take steps to ruin your business. Don't you want to leave a legacy for Caio? The Bento brothers remain loyal to me.”

“DAMN YOU!” William screams at the top of his lungs.

“That's what I thought. Bye, Caio, keep studying to be someone in life.”

Josias withdraws, ever mighty and sovereign. William punches the bookcase, nearly knocking the radio over.

“Dad, calm down! What can Tiago Bento do wrong?”

William doesn't respond. He just imagines Tiago and Igor setting fire to the pizzeria with him and the customers still inside, screaming and ch
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