Chapter 1676 Melissa and Daryl Set Boundaries

William is saying goodbye to Beto in his office at the Ramos supermarket. Beto's portable radio is playing "Walking Contradiction" by Green Day.

“Yes, it's a huge contradiction.” William whimpers as usual, “I'll have my pizzeria built by my worst enemy.”

Beto purses his lips, then opines, “Will, does the situation between you and Josias have to be that traumatic? There was a time when you were friends.”

“Yes, when he was married to my sister and respected her.” William grumbles, “From the moment the marriage ended because of him, I hated him again. And since Caio doesn't stand a chance at Rocha Constructions, I'll leave the pizzeria to him when I die.”

“Stop talking about death ‘cause you're far from going through it.” Beto laughs.

“Only forty more years, who knows.” William calms down, “Okay, Beto, it was a pleasure working here, but I have to leave.”

“I'm also saying goodbye.” Beto looks around, “Now more than ever I need to keep an eye on my father's building.”

“Did something unfor
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