Chapter 1677 Bernardo Has His Limits

Thursday. Josias is in the VIP suite of Renan Vasconcelos, the important guest who always chooses the Rocha Hotel to... stay or enjoy procuring girls?

He knocks on the door. A “Come in” is heard and Josias enters.

In the suite furnished in a classic and refined style, Josias is faced with the guest who is keeping his mother awake at night. Renan is forty-five years old, with partly gray hair, a piercing gaze, and an imposing posture; a perfect opponent for Josias.

Renan smiles when he recognizes the owner of Rocha Constructions, “Hey, I know you! You are the son of the general manager of this hotel. My congratulations, young man, for being so successful at such a young age.”

"Young age? I’ll be thirty-five next year.” Josias responds mildly, “Time passes quickly.”

“I understand, my hair has started to turn gray.” Renan sits down on the upholstered sofa, “So, how can I help you? Did something happen? I was expecting room service.”

Josias closes the door and approaches Renan a little, “
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