Chapter 1697 They Meet

A few days passed. Caio is putting on his sneakers in the living room of his grandparents' house. The radio was playing “Lucky Love” by Ace of Base.

Dora approaches him, “Good morning, my little grandson! Breakfast is served. Where did your father go?”

“Is he not around?” Caio straightens up, “So he went home.”

“Not exactly his home now.” Dora smiles, “It’s the Pizzeria Campos construction site.”

Caio gets up, “Grandma, I am very happy with this undertaking. Finally, my dad is focused on something other than hating Uncle Josias.”

“For a moment, I thought he wasn't going to accept Rocha Constructions' budget out of pure spite. Thankfully, common sense prevailed.”

Simeon appears to put on his boots, “Good morning, people! Everyone's up early, huh?”

Dora watches her husband and remembers Harold, “Did you sleep well, Simeon?”

Simeon leaves his boots and hugs his wife, “Darling, Isabel lost her husband, but it looks like you are the one who was traumatized.”

“I don't know if I'm prepared t
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