Chapter 1698 Time to Retire

Beto calls Teresa to talk about the urgent matter at the office in the Teodoro building.

“Honey, why are you so upset?” Teresa worries.

“Tess, I need to leave. Vera found Wally's address and it's on his doorstep!”

“What a shameless bitch!” Teresa cries out, “What if Wally was in boxer shorts, just waking up?”

Beto shakes the idea of ​​another male wearing just boxer shorts from his mind, “Ehr... Let's not think about those details, honey. Will you man the lobby for me while I prevent a tragedy?”

“Of course, dear, run! We don’t know whether Isabel threw away her late husband's revolver or not.”

Beto can only imagine Wallace shooting Vera in the head and he runs like crazy to stop it.


Meanwhile, Wallace buys time while talking to Vera through the living room window.

Vera notices this and fusses, "Wally, won't you let me in?”

“I was watching TV.” Wallace frowns, “You don't intend to linger, do you?”

“I wanted to talk so we can pick up where we left off.”

“And where did we stop?” W
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