Chapter 1696 Time to Think Better

In Daniel's office, he overheard all of Isabel's concerns regarding Vera and Wallace.

“Isabel, this is truly a story that will take anyone's peace of mind.” He understands, “That's why I want you to take a few days off.”

“More days off?” Isabel is distressed, “How will our program turn out?”

Daniel is sincere, but concerned for her well-being, “We can designate someone else to be head writer, or we can end the soap this season.”

Isabel ponders with her hand on her chin. Cancel the soap opera? “I thought the ratings were satisfactory.”

“And they are. But it’s better to end the telenovela while the ratings are still high than to cancel it due to low ratings.” Daniel smiles, “Think over these days, Isabel, and I hope you can solve these problems in the meantime.”

“OK, I'll think about it. Thank you, Daniel, for your consideration.”

“I just want to help you, friend.” Daniel smiles.

Isabel gets up and leaves. Flavia was waiting for her.

“And then?” She asks anxiously.

“Daniel raised the po
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