Rise Of Billionaire Bruce Ace.

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Rise Of Billionaire Bruce Ace.

By: Favour Usoro A. CompletedUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Bruce Ace stood on the altar, awaiting the arrival of his bride. News reached him that his bride had gone shopping with a billionaire's son and had ditched him. He got insulted and fired by his boss on the same day. His fate change and he married another lady only to become rejected by her family. Bruce Ace took a walk to the bar to free himself of all his worries. There, a man found him. "Bruce Ace, your networth is over 700billion USD. Do you know this?" These were the man's words.

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  • Favour Usoro A.


    I an sincerely sorry for stopping this story without any notice. I had an exam to write so I had to pause writing. I'm in med school so I have a really tight schedule. However, I am now ready to continue this story and update it regularly. I also promise to finish it.

    2023-08-04 19:39:16
  • Lovely Bird


    The story is nice yet the author stop writing

    2023-04-26 09:56:57
  • Gertrude Armada


    So far the story is interesting. I just hope it won't drag.

    2023-02-23 09:48:00
  • John Kamonjo Ngeru


    Interesting story, but taking too long to update. Chapter 103 for one month as last one. Do us a favour and do the conclusion chapters. Also check on grammar and proofreading necessary.

    2023-04-23 05:29:15
  • Candyce Williams


    good story, twisting plit

    2023-02-21 15:00:52
  • Keerthana Kallepally


    Interesting Story

    2023-02-16 11:11:31
Latest Chapter
187 chapters
Chapter One: heartbreak.
"Here comes the bride. Here comes the bride." Bruce beamed as soon as he heard the song. He looked down the aisle, expecting to see Claire, his bride walk down to him only to find out it was empty. Bruce frowned. It was just in his head. Creases formed on Bruce's forehead. Claire should have arrived a few hours ago. The guests present were beginning to murmur amongst themselves. "Bruce, it seems like my prediction was right. She really ditched you," Martins, Bruce's best man whispered into his ear and he glared at him. "I've warned you severally, haven't I? Spending your hard-earned money on a girl's education when you aren't educated yourself is a foolish thing to do," Martins continued. "Claire can't dump me. Something is definitely wrong somewhere. What if she's in trouble?" Martins shook his head in disapproval of Bruce. A few minutes later, a lad walked into the hall and snuck up to Bruce. "Mr. Bruce, I have something to tell you," the man whispered into Bruce's ear. Bru
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Chapter Two: there's still a marriage.
Bruce saw the brunette— Cole's sister. She stood opposite him and was leaning on a Ferrari 488 pista. He was drunk, so his brain was probably playing tricks on him. He drew closer to her to have a good look at her. It was truly Cole's sister."You're Cole's sister, aren't you?" Bruce asked. He wanted to be sure that his eyes weren't deceiving him. "The name's Jade, not Cole's sister, and why on Earth would you try to jump off a bridge?" She looked annoyed. "I'd ddddddie die anyways. Why nnnnnnn not get this over with and have peace of mind?" Bruce said with a slurred speech. He laughed afterwards.Jade leaned over to him. She sniffed the air around him and wrinkled her nose. "You reek of alcohol and you're stuttering. Are you drunk?""I'm not drunk," Bruce answered, raising his voice. He laughed. "I'm just far away. Far from my troubles."Jade watched him for a while. She was thinking the whole time."Then let's get married. If you aren't drunk, marry me," Jade said with a straight
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Chapter Three: $850,000 every month.
"I'm not seeing your parents," Bruce said bluntly and Jade scowled at him. "Don't stare at me like that. Your billionaire family won't be happy to see me." "Where would we sleep?" "You can go back home. I'm not coming with you." "I'm not going without you either." Jade was stubborn and it made Bruce wonder how he would live with a stubborn wife. Well, a stubborn wife was better than a cheat. Jade entered her car, the Ferrari 488 pista. The door was wide open. "I'm waiting." Bruce heaved a sigh and got into the car. Jade drove them to her father's mansion which was situated uptown, where most of the billionaires of the city lived. Bruce got star-struck as Jade drove into her compound. J. J. Fulton's mansion screamed money. They got out of the car and walked into the house. A party was ongoing. "What's happening?" Bruce asked. "What do you think is happening other than a small party?" "Small party?" The wine available was surplus and none of the bottles of wine seemed to be l
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Chapter Four: the fight.
"I accept your conditions. In three days, I'd get a job that pays $850,000 every month and I'd remain married to Bruce," Jade said confidently and her father smirked.He turned to Bruce and frowned at him. "You both are married, right? Then, you should share a room.""Never!" Lucia yelled. "My daughter would not be sharing a room with this street boy."J. J. Fulton turned away, ignoring his wife, and walked away."C—come with me," Jade said, beckoning Bruce.Jade's room was gigantic. Where he usually stayed had a small kitchen and toilet, but Jade's room alone was five times bigger than his house.He was totally out of Jade's league. He wondered what she was thinking when she married him. He was confused about how he should feel. He wondered if he should be angry at her for taking advantage of his drunken state or pity her for the problem and insults their marriage would put her through."S—since we are married now. Should we share a bed?" Jade was uneasy."Married couples usually sha
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Chapter Five: how it happened.
"Mr. Carter," Mr. Griffin called out with a big smile to the man that had stopped the men from beating Bruce.He rushed to get a chair for the man to sit on. "Mr. Carter, please have a seat.""Mr. Griffin, why aren't you beating him up? He almost killed me," Cole whined."Shut that arsehole you call a mouth," Mr. Griffin said to Cole, frowning. He turned to Mr. Carter and smiled. "What do you want to have?""I want those tiny men you ordered to beat him up, out of here," Mr. Carter said with a frown.Mr. Griffin turned to them. "You heard him. You all should get out."One by one, the men began to leave and Bruce watched in awe. He had always heard about Mr. Carter, but it was the first time he'd met him in person. Mr. Archibald Carter was the Chief Operating Officer of AAB groups, the biggest company in town. He had both money and power and Bruce wondered what made the man help him."What else do you want?" Mr. Griffin asked, still smiling."I want you to leave too.""Me?" Mr. Griffin
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Chapter Six: She deserves the best.
Archibald took out an American Express Black Card with the name Bruce Ace on it."That's yours," Archibald said.Bruce's face lit up immediately. "Is that what I think it is?" "Bruce Ace, your net worth is over $700 billion," Archibald spelled it out and Bruce froze.He was definitely dreaming. There was no way a penniless fellow would turn a billionaire overnight and not just any billionaire, the richest person in existence."I still can't believe this isn't a dream.""Should I pinch you?" Archibald grinned and Bruce laughed."I should call Jade and tell her everything right now. She'd freak out," Bruce said excitedly. He took out his phone."Who's Jade?" Archibald asked."She's my billionaire wife?" Bruce answered nonchalantly."Billionaire wife?" Bruce laughed when he saw the look on Archibald's face. "Oh, Jade's the daughter of a billionaire. Long story short, today I got married to the daughter of a billionaire when I should have gotten married to Claire, a girl I've loved all
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Chapter Seven: ‘I need to buy it’.
Jade looked in the mirror and smiled. She looked good in her gray dress. Jade heaved a sigh, hoping that her day would be as good as her dress. "You look good," Bruce complimented as soon as he saw her. "I love your dress." Jade smiled. "I found a thrift store where I can get quality clothes for little money. It's a really nice store.""Thrift store?" It was surprising to hear that a billionaire's daughter would choose a thrift store over fancy cloth shops."I owe Tekbos a lot of money. I figured that I'll have to cut down on my expenses." Jade drew in a huge breath and then exhaled. "I regret accepting my father's terms. I just realized how—""Impossible?" "Yes, impossible. No company would be willing to pay me $850, 000 per month. How much would they be earning monthly? I can't believe I fell into my father's trap.""You'd be fine and that's a promise." Bruce knew she would. The richest man on earth was by her side after all and he will do anything to make her happy."Are you sur
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Chapter Eight: the new owner.
"Jade! Jade!"Jade and Bruce who were in the living room glanced at each other."I think that's my mother," Jade said in a hushed tone and Bruce frowned. He had guessed she was the one. He could still remember what she sounded like."You told her our house address?" Bruce asked.Jade shook her head, signaling a no as an answer."Your father did?" Before taking Jade away, Mr. Fulton made sure the place he took his daughter to was ‘house worthy’.Jade shook her head again and Bruce knitted his brows. "Was she monitoring us?""Typical," Jade scoffed, remembering the times she had gotten stalked by her parents. "My parents are like that. It's creepy, right?"Bruce nodded."Jade! Leave that wretched man and come back home," she yelled from outside their house.Jade frowned. "What do we do now?"Bruce knew that Jade's mother had nothing good to say. On the other hand, she was his mother-in-law. Although she treated him badly, it'll be disrespectful of him to do the same."Mother has come to
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Chapter Nine: a little taste of revenge.
Bruce looked up at the company building in front of her. The word, Alpub, was boldly written on top of it. The last time she was there, she left with her head bowed in defeat. Who would have thought fate would favor her? Was this even fate? Fate won't come to earth and buy her Alpub. Who on earth would have done this? Could it be her father? Jade wondered. Was he worried that she'd need money, so he bought her a company so she can continue having her lavish lifestyle?Jade shook her head. It did not seem like something her dad would do. Jade took in a huge breath. Her heart beat faster and her hands became sweaty.Bruce, who was holding her hands, glanced at her. He gave her a warm smile and squeezed her hand."You got this," he said and Jade smiled. He stepped out of the car first. Still holding her hands, he nodded at her."What if it's a prank? How is this even possible?" Jade was confused."I don't think James Walter would joke with his company in that way. If he said you bought i
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Chapter Ten: an assassin.
"Mr. Bruce, how were you able to get married to a woman out of your league? Mr. Bruce, life is easier with the daughter of a billionaire, right? Mr. Bruce, if Jade Fulton was poorer than you, would you have married her? Mr. Bruce, you married Jade Fulton for her money, didn't you?"Bruce wanted to seal the mouths of the news-hungry reporters that hovered around since the news of Jade getting James Walter's company. They got more annoying as days went by.Jade had only gotten a company with a worth that was barely up to that of her father's and as her husband, Bruce was getting much attention. He wondered what it would have been like if he had chosen to reveal himself as Astor Ace's son.Mr. Bruce, Jade Fulton becoming the new CEO of Alpub has drawn a lot of attention to her. We recently found out that Jade Fulton was previously engaged to Bryan Athen. Everyone is wondering why she had not ended up with Bryan. Today, Bryan posted some pictures on his Instagram page with the caption, ‘O
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