Chapter 1706 Josias Is Taking Care of It

Elza and Jane are momentarily terrified of Renan. But they decide to empower themselves and face the enemy.

Elza responds dismissively, “I didn't know Mr. Vasconcelos is married.”

“Cut this nonsense!” Renan roars, “I'm talking about Vera Reis, my woman! I love her and want to spend the rest of my life with her!”

“Ah, so you are not kidnapping her?” Jane jokes.

Renan throws her a feverish look, “If I kidnapped Vera, why didn't anyone call the police?”

“Perhaps the police are already aware, but they are working in the shadows, waiting for the opportune moment.” Elza bravely replies, “Perhaps it was the police who found Vera and brought her to safety.”

“For then I’ll have to clear up the misunderstanding—”

“Save your saliva, my dear!” Elza scolds him, “My son, the powerful Josias Rocha, is an eyewitness that you took Vera Reis against her will in a limousine with bodyguards with guns drawn, threatening to shoot her brother. If you go to the police station, you will never leave there!”

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