Chapter 1709 Turning to Worry

Time is passing, and the construction of the new headquarters of Rocha Constructions is taking shape. Josias faces the construction of four floors plus private parking with a boyish smile.

Tiago appears beside him, “Who would have thought, huh, master? In 1981, even I wouldn't have dreamed of getting this far. We started in that dilapidated building and will now continue in our own headquarters.”

“I am very happy, Tiago. Everaldo didn't play around on duty.” Josias answers.

“Speaking of mysterious things,” Tiago chuckles, “how is the matter with our rival?”

“What rival?” Josias is genuinely scared.

“That crazy person who won't leave Tiago Ibrahim's side.” Tiago gets serious, “He actually managed to build one of the factories not far from here.”

Josias takes a deep breath, “Unfortunately, as an advocate of capitalism, I cannot stop anyone from starting any kind of commercial venture. I just need to know if Mr. Vasconcelos is expanding his business with the right mindset.”

“What do you
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