Chapter 1708 Let's Learn to Shoot

Back at the Mountain Penthouse, Melissa happened to meet up with her husband.

“Honey, how was the noon service?”

“Lots of customers, lots of food served, lots of caviar and grilled salmon, and Diane didn't get wrong a single cocktail,” Kelvin responds by forcing good humor.

“It's weird people showing up for drinks at noon.” Melissa sits on the couch.

“Sometimes people want to celebrate a deal they made.” Kelvin sits down next to her.

Melissa observes her husband's features, “Kelvin, I know you well enough to see there's something wrong with you.”

Kelvin sighs, “It has. Melissa...” He looks at her, “My mother went to live with her family in Linhares.”

Melissa widens her eyes, “Really? Since when? She didn't come to say goodbye...”

“After the ice treatment we gave her, she was unlikely to say goodbye!” Kelvin exclaims.

“And now you regret it?” Melissa asks cautiously.

“I don't know, I have mixed emotions.” Kelvin crosses his arms, “My mom broke up with Uncle Francisco and since then she
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