Chapter 1710 Someone Doesn't Know How to Shoot

At shooting school, Elza is wearing goggles and earmuffs to practice her aim. She wields the revolver, and with dexterity and professionalism, she manages to shoot the target with mastery. If the target was a person, they would be dead in seconds.

However, Vernon is next to her, and with him, it's quite the opposite. Vernon doesn't hold the gun firmly, his finger hurts when he pulls the trigger and his most correct shot hits the target's shoulder.

The shooting instructor is torn between praise and scolding, “Congratulations, Mrs. Queiroz. You sounded like a pretty competent cop. I didn't want to be in that target's shoes.”

“Thank you, instructor.” Elza removes the earmuffs.

Vernon purposely keeps the earmuffs on in an attempt to block out the criticism, but the instructor says anyway, “As for you, Comrade Vernon, keep your body straight and your shoulders tight and balanced. Even those funny actors from ‘Police Academy’ couldn't shoot so clumsily!”

It wasn't until the instructor walke
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