Chapter 1711 Time to retire

At Bernardo's apartment, Maggie is surprised to find that Shirley has simply left without saying goodbye.

“This has got to be a joke.” She paces the living room in circles, “What does she want? Make us feel guilty?”

“I don't know and sometimes I wonder if I deserve to know.” Daryl scratches his head, “Our mother definitely didn't want us to have a peaceful life, so I felt it necessary to give her some distance.”

“And I preferred to act like she was dead!” Maggie roars.

“Calm down, dear.” Bernardo makes her stop walking and calms her down.

“The door was open, Kelvin and I found Uncle Francisco also looking for her,” Daryl explains further.

“So she doesn't know she's going to be a grandmother again?” Maggie asks with a frown, “Or that she's going to be a grandmother to twins?”

“I called her on New Year's Eve.” Daryl responds, “But I just went to her apartment to talk about the twins.”

“Oh, this is too much for me.” Maggie shakes her head, “If that's the way she wants it, then have her w
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