Chapter 1713 Choosing Names

Veronica is at Ronaldo's house, waiting for Jack to go out with him. She watches the living room and sees photographs placed in frames. One of them, nailed to the wall, is a much younger Ronaldo wearing a suit and tie with Jack and Octavio's late mother. She is wearing a very elegant wedding dress.

Ronaldo approaches Veronica and sees her contemplating the photograph, “I hope your day is as divine as mine was.”

Veronica is startled and turns to him, “Oh... Mr. Motta, I'm sorry for the indiscretion.”

Ronaldo smiles slightly, “It's not indiscretion. I want your married life to be longer than mine.”

Veronica smiles, “Jack doesn't talk much about his mother.”

“She passed away a few years ago. Since then it's been just my boys and me. Imagine if I didn't have any children?”

Veronica got the hint: Ronaldo wants her and Jack to have lots of kids!

Jack approaches them, scented and well-groomed, “Shall we go, honey?”

“Wow, are you guys going to an elite party like this?” Ronaldo asks jokingly.
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