Chapter 1714 Renan and Tiago Talk

Jane and Octavio are talking and getting to know each other better at Café Montanha. Rodrigo serves them two cups of espresso and turkey sandwiches.

“Most of my projects were approved by Josias, Jane.” Octavio proudly describes his day at work, “Of course, I owe it to my team who work hard.”

“Oh, is there a team of architects?” Jane is interested in the subject.

“Yes, I can't handle designing all the orders myself.” Octavio chooses a sandwich with a napkin, “When I was employed in 1983, I was alone, and I could keep up with demand. But since the company grew and became famous...”

Jane widens her eyes, “Wow, Octavio! What's that? Since 1983?”

Octavio chuckles, “I guess I forgot to tell you that I've known Josias since high school.”

“So, you are...”

“I’m thirty-five. Too old for you?” Octavio smiles playfully.

“I'm twenty-eight, but I won't give up on you.” Jane grabs Octavio's arm to stop him from leaving.

As the couple laughs and continues to talk, Jack and Veronica enter the room.

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