Chapter 1715 A Bento's Signature

Octavio takes Jane to get closer to his father. Ronaldo welcomes her with pleasure at his house.

“Come in, my daughter, come in! This old man here was watching Lisandro’s Show, but I can see you.”

“Isn't that an interesting interview?” Jane is embarrassed.

“You are more interesting.” Ronaldo winks at Octavio, “One day you will be the one interviewed as the wife of the Chief Architects of Rocha Constructions.”

“Dad, don't scare her.” Octavio jokes.

“Who is trying to scare this beautiful lady?” Ronaldo indicates the sofa, “If you change the glasses for contact lenses, you would be more beautiful, Jane.”

“I have contact lenses, but I don't wear them much.” Jane apologizes.

“OK, don't mind that old man's opinions.” Ronaldo sits in the armchair, then complains to himself, “Oh, how rude! I sat down without asking if you wanted anything.”

“No need, Mr. Motta!” Jane despairs, afraid to make Ronaldo get up after the trouble he had to sit down.

Octavio gets up, “I'll go get coffee and cookies.”
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