Chapter 1719 Asking the Mayor Questions

At Crystal Blue, Daryl is in the position of maître d' in Kelvin's place so that he could attend the inauguration of Pizzeria Campos. Diane approaches him.

“Honey, how are we doing with reservations?”

“We are doing very well.” Daryl comments looking at the booking book, “The customers who called are showing up. Activity is reasonable for the night.”

“Fortunately.” Diane giggles, “For a moment, I thought we were being shortchanged by the pizzeria.”

Daryl joins in the laughs, “Their pizzeria is in Green Park while we're Downtown.”

Suddenly, Renan and Tobias enter the restaurant. Daryl and Diane immediately stop laughing.

“Good evening, Mr. Mountain.” Tobias greets him, “I booked a table for two.”

Renan smiles mockingly at Daryl. He knows that if he had called, Daryl would have refused to reserve a table. But since it was the mayor's secretary who called...

“Table eleven. Frederick, please...”

Frederick leads the gentlemen reverently, but he couldn't hide his disgust toward Renan.

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