Chapter 1720 No Celebration?

At Crystal Blue, Renan finished dinner with Tobias. The mayor said goodbye and retired to foot the bill. Renan, on the other hand, decided to go to the bar to drink a cocktail.

He smiles amiably at Diane, “A female bartender. Cool.”

“What does that mean?” Diane raises her eyebrows, “You think I don't know how to make drinks?”

“No, I imagine you were properly trained by the owner of this restaurant.”

“Did you mean: by her husband?” Diane blinks.

Renan has a bump. He hadn't expected the beautiful bartender to be married.

“What will you want?”

“A Manhattan.” Renan sits on the stool.

“You have chosen just the drink that is missing an ingredient today,” Diane speaks in a neutral tone.

But Renan thinks she's flirting with him and smiles again, “What's missing, vodka?”

Diane remains serious, “Manhattan doesn't carry vodka. It contains whiskey and red vermouth. The cherry is missing to garnish.”

Renan laughs out loud, attracting Daryl's attention, “Serve me anyway.”

Diane prepared the drink s
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