Chapter 1721 No Woman Can Bear It

The next day, Josias and Katherine still haven't recovered from the absurdity they faced at William's pizzeria. They have breakfast served by Lilian.

“What then, bosses? How was the opening of Pizzeria Campos?”

“The pizza is delicious, but the service was horrible!” Katherine complains, “I didn't think Will's temper would get any worse. Are you sure he was better, Josias?”

Josias nods, “It was from 1983 when I helped him with Caio.”

“And the ungrateful one forgets that to annoy and insult you every time you appear!”

“Take it easy, dear. Don't let William ruin your day.”

Katherine soothes, “If your day isn't spoiled, mine won't be either.”

Lilian smiles and leaves the platter of ricotta. As she goes to get more options, the phone rings.

She goes into the hall to answer the extension that is there, but Ernesto, with his back to her, answered first.


On the other side, it's Tiago at his house, “Hello, Ernesto! Glad it was you who answered. We need to talk alone in my office. Plea
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