HEIR from the STREET

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HEIR from the STREET

By: Darken Ross OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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JONATHAN STONE has been treated like trash for as long as he can remember. He has been looked down upon and concluded that he could never result in something good. The last straw was when he caught his girlfriend cheating on him, he was ridiculed by her and her new man - but that was also a turning point in his life as that same night, he was contacted by his family. His TRUE family. One of the largest, richest and most feared in the world and he was the next in line - the HEIR. But that wasn't all, “The family has lots of money, power, riches... and also enemies,” Vincent said. “Being in the family comes with a lot of responsibilities" Inadvertently, Jon had inherited generational enemies. Jonathan is forced to take the narrative of his life when a loved one dies. Read and follow Jonathan Stone on this adrenaline-filled, blood-curdling, sometimes life-threatening adventure of his life as he puts plans in motion on making his enemies pay for all they've done.


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    I'm in love with the book. Kudos to the author. i recommended this book to every reader here.

    2023-11-08 04:12:28
  • Latifat


    I'm intrigued... the writing style, the storyline, the fast character progress is everything. I highly recommend this work if you're a lover of Urban books. You're surely in for a great journey of Mr. Stone.

    2023-06-24 19:02:19
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“FOOD DELIVERY,” JON called through the closed door. He waited as he heard the locks and latches being unlocked on the other side. The door creaked open slowly. Jon’s face broke into a wide smile, “I have your orders ready – ““Yeah yeah, whatever.” The man said, collecting the carton box and tossing the money on the floor before slamming the door. Jon sighed. “So much for good customer service.” He muttered to himself as he bent down to pick up his fee.He removed his cap and ran his fingers through his hair and he walked down the patio and to his work bike. He suddenly remembered that he had not replied to a message from his girlfriend, telling him that she was not feeling too well. “I’d have to stop by a drugstore then.” He swung his leg over the bike and started to reply to the message. ‘I’ll be home soon. Will get you some drugs on the way. Be safe. I love you.’ He hit the send button and drove off.“No one should be working by this ungodly hour.” He said to himself as he r
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Jon gave a maniacal laugh. He stood up abruptly and read the message again. Surely a joke... and an expensive one at that. He laughed. My surname isn’t ‘Stone'.He looked at the message again, taking care to count how many zeroes were in the figure. “Seven zeroes.” He whistled. “One hundred million dollars, Oh boy!” I had better call the bank. There must be some sort of mistake. He dialled the bank customer care service. As he waited for someone to come online, he whistled a tune he vaguely remembered from his childhood. Even though he was certain no one played that song in the Foster home that he grew up in. Damn, no one played any song in that house. Not unless you wanted an intense ass-whooping. He smiled absently. “Hello. Citibank, Washington D.C” A voice said mechanically, startling out of his little trip into memory lane. “How may I help you?” “So, um... I received a message of a credit alert.” Jon said. “I’m sure it was just a mistake that can be –“ “Hold on, sir.” The
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“YOU’RE MY HERO!” The drunk lady giggled beside Jon. She scooted over and gave him an alcohol-infused hug, which was awkward because the taxi was a cramped space. “You are my Knight in shining armour.” She said again. And then she relaxed against his arm, smiling and humming a tune. “Where are we going, sir?” The driver asked with a Mexican accent while throwing occasional glances at Jon through the rearview mirror. “Um, tell me... what is the best hotel in town now?” Jon asked. “Okay sir...” the driver sped on. “We have the Metropolitan. It has a good 4.5 rating...” “is that the highest, most expensive?” Jon asked. The driver looked at Jon again and at the words written on his shirt. It was the food delivery uniform. Their eyes met in the mirror and the driver cleared his throat. “No sir. There’s one with a 7 stars rating. The Continental – that’s the name.” “Isn’t that the biggest hotel on the west coast?” Jon asked, excitement creeping into his voice. “Yes sir, it is.” “The
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CHAPTER 4IT ALL FELT like a movie or prank of some sort. "Cops?" Jon asked. His heart hammered in his chest as he took a step back uncertainly. The receptionist was already dialling on her land-line, smiling and looking happy to be putting Jon where he belonged. "Yeah. Hello… this is the continental Hotel…" She said into the mouthpiece of the phone. "Why are you calling the cops?" Jon asked. "I have done nothing wrong." He exclaimed. "Oh, you haven't, yeah?" The manager asked, sneering. "Why are you sweating and panicking then?" Jon touched his forehead and it was wet. "Hey, that's not what you thi–""Shut up, you poor bastard." The manager snapped. "... yes. We would need some sergeants here urgently…" The receptionist continued to the phone. "... and yes, they should be heavily armed…" She threw a dirty glance at Jon. "...the culprit looks like who would cause a lot of trouble and resistance… Yes, thank you." Then she dropped the mouthpiece with a satisfied smile plastered
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JON FROWNED SLIGHTLY. He was getting embarrassed and a bit uncomfortable. The manager quickly noticed the change in Jon's countenance and apologised, "Sorry, dear sir. I just need to hurry her up." "It is enough. I just want to get my room now, that's all." "Of course. Of course." The manager said, hurrying behind the receptionist, who was still flustered from the slap. "Step aside, Jenny." He took over the desktop and a few seconds later, he looked up. "Successfully checked in." He reached underneath the counter and extracted a gold keycard. "Here you go." "Thank you." Jon collected the card. "Enjoy your stay at the continental Hotel." Jon snorted and walked away, leading the still-drunk lady clinging to his arm. If looks could kill, Jon and his lady would.be very dead because of the look that the receptionist gave them. Jon felt the heat of her gaze on his back and he turned to meet her gaze. Their gaze locked and exchanged daggers between them.The ping! sound from the elevat
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"NOW WHERE THE fuck are you, Nic?" The voice asked again. The lady took a sharp breath in before she said, "I was at a bar… and I took one glass. Just one, I swear." Her voice started sounding uncertain. "... but then I got drunk. Very drunk." "I didn't ask for all of these…" The voice snapped on the phone. "Where the fuck are you?" "Some hotel… I guess." She glanced at Jon who stood near the door. He nodded at her to affirm what she said. "You guess?" The man on the other end gave a dry laugh. "So you're not sure. How did you get there?" "I don't know." The lady shrugged. "I woke up here… on a fluffy bed and pillow." "So maybe you were not so drunk after all." The manager snorted. "Get back home, Nic. Now!" And the dial tone came on. The line went dead. The lady scoffed. "Typical. He hangs up the phone." Jon cleared his throat softly and that caught her attention. She pinned him with her clear grey eyes. "What happened here yesterday?" Jom shook his head. "Nothing. I can as
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A PART OF Jon grew mellow and unsure of his situation but another part, the rich Stone part was defiant. And that was the part that came out. Rico and Kim laughed and brushed past Jon, bumping hard against his shoulders. Jon turned slowly and looked at them, "Well fuck you. The both of you can go to hell…" Rico stopped and turned, "What did you say?" Jon pushed his chest out a bit and stood tall. "I said fuck the both of you. I am going in there…" He pointed to the shop, " … and I am going to buy a gift. A very expensive gift for someone." There was silence for a moment before Rico burst out laughing. "Kim… Kim… did you hear that?" He continued laughing. "I did hear what he said," Kim replied coldly. Her face did not show any hint of a smile, "You can't afford a gift of more than 100 dollars, Jon. And even for that, you would have to almost starve for 3 months." Jon smiled, "Yes… that was then. And besides, you're never worth anything more than 100 dollars, Kim." Kim gasped. H
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"WELL, WHAT DID you decide, sir?" The salesgirl assigned to Jon drew his attention away from his thoughts of revenge. "Sorry, yes yes." Jon said, rubbing his temple, "What was it you said, again?""I was saying that the things you picked are limited editions from the designer. Are you sure you want to buy them?""Yes. I am." Jon said, nodding his head. "Okay, sir." The sales girl said. She came out from behind the counter to get the items Jon had picked. On a normal day, with a normal customer and any other salesgirl, it should be another free salesperson – most likely her – that would be sent to fetch the items for the attending salesperson. But she wanted to avoid any other outburst from her colleagues so she went to get the items by herself. She picked up the LV bag and Channel perfume from their respective showcases and walked back behind the counter. Kim and her boyfriend, Rico, looked on with interest as the sales girl dropped the items on the counter and asked, "How do you w
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THE GIRL, Yen, was so excited she vibrated in a spot like a pressurised bottle. "Thank you, sir." She said to Mister Marcus, her boss and then she turned to Jon, "Thank you, sir." "It's fine. Just keep on doing what you do." Jon said, his respect and fondness for Mister Marcus rose a notch higher. "Now, can you lead me to the suits section?" "Of Course sir. If you'll follow me." Jon followed her down the row of different designer clothes and shoes till they got to a medium-sized round room, filled with expensive suits. Jon could not believe his eyes. He had trouble picking the one that he likes. He fingered the material of the ones that caught his fancy. "Sir, may I talk?" Yen piped from the doorway. Jon looked at her and nodded. "This one," She walked forward and touched a light blue suit with a gold pocket clock attached at the left side and hung in a gentle curve to the right. "It would look good on you." Jon looked at it in a different light and decided that the girl was r
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JON SMILED AND shook his head. Chris bent over and placed his hands on his knees and laughed loud and long. Then he stood up straight, still chuckling and said, "I'm sorry. I'm sorry." He tried to regain his composure as Jon and Amanda looked on. "What's the matter?" Jon asked, a smug smile plastered to his lips. "I mean, we can all clearly see that," Chris said. "That is a big fake." He looked at Amanda who was still caressing the bag gently with her fingers, "It looks pretty like an original to me. It even feels original." "It's a good fake." Chris argued, "You know how much an original designer item costs?" "Yes, Chris." Amanda deadpanned Chris with a killer stare, "I do know how much a Louis Vuitton original cost." "Y-yes y-yes. I didn't, um, m-mean that question to you." Chris stammered, "I was talking about him. How would he afford it?" "I don't know. But I am glad he brought it –" Her hands had touched a piece of paper. "Oh wait, what is this?" She removed the small slip
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