Rise of The Outcast

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Rise of The Outcast

By: Dora Leo Updated just nowUrban/Realistic

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Owen and Kate met when they were both in college. Then, Owen was one of the richest guys on campus, from the prestigious Sinclair family. The Steele family was also a rich one, though not as rich as the Sinclairs. The patriarchs of both families were friends and arranged for both their heirs to get married right out of college, since they already seemed to get along. Maria, Kate's mother was thrilled she got to call the most eligible bachelor in the city her son-in-law. Things go smoothly until Owen's father and grandfather both die in an airplane crash, leaving Owen alone, with his stepmother and stepbrother for company. Owen's step-relatives had always been jealous and had never liked him, so when the leaders of the Sinclair family were suddenly absent, they took advantage of the fact, kicking Owen out of the house and depriving him of his inheritance. Owen no longer had the wealth that had buoyed him for so long, and found himself helpless. The Steeles we're unhappy with the turn of events, and over the years, they seemed to forget whom Owen once was. They insulted and mistreated him, even turned his own wife against him. Kate cheated on Owen countless times, and treated him with disregard until one day, Owen suddenly got fed up and left. Imagine the shock on all their faces when he returns richer and more powerful than ever before. Deception will peak as everyone fights to get back in his good books.

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  • Dora Leo


    Thank you very much for dropping a comment. I update 2 chapters per day

    2024-04-03 06:54:12
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    I can’t wait for the look on their faces when the truth gets revealed…..I love this book author, please make the updates very frequent.

    2024-04-02 02:19:58
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31 chapters
Chapter 1
CHAPTER ONE"Let's make a toast to our new company's milestone!" A matured female voice was heard, and what followed after was the sound of glass cups clanging.The woman who had just spoken was Maria Steele, and the whole family were gathered there to celeberate their new company's achievement."I can't believe we managed to generate a total profit worth $2 million dollars for this month." Another lady's voice was heard as she sipped wine from her glass cup. The woman was Amanda Donovan, a good friend and business partner of the Steele's family."At first, sales this month was kinda slow, but i am glad we managed to emerge victorious and next month we would make far more than this." Maria spoke in a joyful tone as she took another sip.Even if the Elite Company that was run by the Steeles wasn't one of the big companies in Purple Hills city, it wasn't one of the smallest either. The Steeles family are truly doing a good job in making the company flourish despite all other big compan
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Chapter 2
CHAPTER TWO"What do you mean pick up the trash later? He can begin his job right now." Amanda then turned her cup upside down and spilled her wine on the tiled floor."Hey, trash, take off your rag-like cloth and clean this mess off." Amanda declared in a mocking tone.Hearing the words of Amanda, the whole crowd chimed in with laughter, while Owen just stood there with clenched fists as they kept on ridiculing him for no reason at all."What are you doing just standing there? Take off your rag and clean the mess already." Tom roared in a mocking tone."Don't worry, loser, you wouldn't be doing it for free! Here you go!" Tom then slid his hand into his pocket and tossed a single dollar note to Owen's feet. "I am sure you haven't eaten nothing today, use that to get yourself a snack or something." Tom added."That's enough, all of you!" Kate couldn't take it anymore. "Stop speaking to my husband like this!""Stay mute, Kate. One more word and i shall send you packing to go stay with t
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Chapter 3
CHAPTER THREE "Good evening, young master." A deep male's voice sounded from behind.Hearing the words of the man a puzzled exression appeared on Owen's face as he turned around to see a man not older than fourty and clad in a striking black suit."Long time no see,Young master Owen." The man spoke further with a slight smile."Albert?" Owen blurted out after glaring at the man for few minutes and finally recognised him."Yeah, glad you still remember me after all these years." Albert remarked in a respectful tone."B-but how? Aren't you suppose to be dead?" Owen stuttered a bit as he took few steps backwards in confusion.Albert was his father's right hand man back then and he was also on the plane that crashed years ago. How then was he here?"I will explain, do not worry." Albert smiled a bit after witnessing Owen's shocked expression. "You see, not only am i alive but your father is also." Albert informed.Owen was taken aback after hearing the words of Albert, and he doubted the
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Chapter 4
CHAPTER FOUR Retrieving the Atm card from Albert, Owen made his way towards the ongoing comofion before it's gets more worse that it already was. The customer were begining to harrass Mia and almost dragging her to their room to pay for the expenses on their beds, so Owen knew he needed to act fast."Excuse me!" Owen voiced, catching the attention of everyone in the restaurant and they all turned their heads towards Owen's diection."Who the fuck this this?" The bulky customer known as Bill spoke after catching a glimpse of the man that just spoke. He had thought the words were said by the Hotel manager, but after catching a glimpse of Owen, his face became sour and anger surged through him that a trash like Owen dared interfare."May i ask what's going on here?" Owen questioned, ignoring the signals Mia tried tried to give him to back down."Who let a low-life like this into this restaurant? And he also dared to speak whete he wasn't called!" Bill retorted, gazing at Owen in anger.
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Chapter 5
CHAPTER FIVE"Alright, champ, get eating." Owen smirked, his finger pointing towards the food that was scattered around on the floor.Bill clenched his fists in anger as he regretted his decision instantly. If only he knew better, he would have just left the restaurant without making a scene.But there was no going back now..he already made the decision and all eyes was now fixated on him, even his friends and girlfriend he invited over were watching, but they made sure to stand few centimeters away from Bill so they won't get dragged along his humiliation.Bill stood there with his head bowed down in shame..what he wished for right now was for the ground to open up and swallow him."Why is this guy taking so long?""He was the one who made the deal and now he's trying to back down!""Eat the damn food already!" The crowd began to attack Bill from different angles with hateful words after he stood there like a statue for several minutes."What's the matter, bro? Weren't you the one t
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Chapter 6
CHAPTER SIXTurning around, Owen found Mia standing behind him with a questioning look, and he could already guess why she was here."Hey, what's up?" Owen questioned, trying to act normal."Don't give me that, Owen. What just happened?" Mia questioned with raised eyebrows."What do you mean?" Owen responded with a question, trying to act dumb."Come on, Owen, you know what i am talking about." Mia let out a sigh and facepalmed."Oh, you mean what happened earlier with the customer?" Owen inquired, scratching his curly black hair like he was trying to recall."Yeah, that. How were you able to pay such huge amount of money?" Mia questioned, still shocked by what happened earlier.She has known Owen for quite a while now and know most things about him. The duo has spent lots of times together, both good times and bad times and never for once has she seen Owen the way he was earlier.Owen did borrowed few dollars from her in the past to buy himself food, and all of a sudden he's here thr
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Chapter 7
CHAPTER SEVEN Owen finally finished his night shift at exactly 4:03am and he felt extremely exhausted and all he needed now was sleep. Owen headed straight to the boss's office to inform him about his leave tomorrow but sadly the man turned him down and said the leave won't be granted even though Owen worked two shifts today. Owen left the man's office sadly and went to change.Luckily for him, Kate texted him during his shift that Maria also kicked her out of the mansion temporarily making her go stay with her aunt and Owen was welcomed to come.The aunt's residence was only few streets away from the hotel so it wouldn't take so much time for him to get there. Owen changed back into his clothes and headed out of the hotel.Kate's aunt's residence was a medium sized bungalow with different modern designs and gardens. Inside the building, two ladies could be seen having a discussion."Why did your mother ask you to leave?" Aunt Jenna questioned, still surprised by the fact that Maria
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Chapter 8
CHAPTER EIGHTWalking towards the table with the food tray, Owen recognized the couple that was currently discussing and smiling.'There's no doubt..that's Kate and Chris McLean.' Owen pondered internally, clenching the tray in his hands and anger surging through him but he chose to Surprise it and act cool. After all, he wasn't sure if they were here on a date or business meeting.Kate did inform him last night on how she wishes to secure a job at Echelon Industries, and Chris was a worker there so it's possible they were only in the restaurant to make a deal or something.Those were Owen's thoughts as he approached the duo."Here's your order." Owen spoke, hoping for Kate to glance at his face and smile, instead she didn't spare him a glance as she kept giggling with Chris.Owen fumed in anger but chose to remain cool and place the meal on the table."Hey, come over here!" Chris ordered just when Owen was about to leave. "What the fuck is this?" Chris questioned, pointing towards th
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Chapter 9
CHAPTER NINEOwen clenched his fists tightly in anger as he charged towards Chris, shoving him to the floor and his body stained the red wine on the floor."Get off of me, you bastard!" Chris lamented as Owen sat on top of him and sent out a punch that connected neatly to his face.Owen's punch slammed heavily on Chris's face and caused blood to be drawn. Owen pulled his second fist backwards and punched it out towards Chris's face once more."I am going to kill you bastard!" Owen voiced out as security came in and pulled him off Chris.The security grabbed Owen's arms and pulled him meters away from Chris and he still struggled to break free to teach Chris more lessons."That's it, Owen, you are fired!" The boss walked to their location and declared. "Get your crap and get the hell out of my property!"The securities then set Owen free of their grip and he headed towards the changing room in anger."I am truly sorry about that, Mr. McLean." The boss said apologetically."Nah, it's fi
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Chapter 10
CHAPTER TEN The conference room was noisy as the attendants were busy communicating among themselves. Some were busy discussing about their plans for a better future, while others were lamenting about their past losses. The meeting room was filled to the brim as the people there all had their eyes out for just one thing. Bagging a contract with the Echelon industries. Echelon industries was one of the biggest group of companies in the country and any contract with them would surely be a blast. Different elite families were present, Maria Steele was also present and along with her came Kate. Maria had always been someone to show off so on a special occasion like today, (Kate had told her of her relationship with Chris, so she was sure they would be able to bag a contract easily) she dressed as if she was going for a fashion show. They were still indulging in their discussions when Chris came into the room and the whole place went silent in a minute. He was putting on a navy blu
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