Chapter 1752 William the Snitch

Beto returns to the Rocha Mansion. Teresa is in the living room watching ‘Sweet Love’. But when the show enters the commercial break, she readily pays attention to her boyfriend.

“And then, dear? How did your sister do?”

“She's fine, Tess,” Beto responds happily.

“What about this talk that the mayor released the investigation into Renan Vasconcelos?” Teresa is hopeful, “Do you think we will finally get peace and security?”

“Sure, darling, trust God and He'll take care of the rest. Our part we have already done.” Beto kisses her affectionately on the cheek.

“Then continue to watch the soap opera with me, the episode is interesting.” Teresa hooks her arm through her boyfriend's arm and won't let go.

Usually, Beto would protest, but he is so happy with his younger sister's imminent release that he agrees to watch the show.


Josias visits Crystal Blue to gather more information about Melissa.

“Hello, Mountain Brothers! Are you managing to ensure Melissa's peace and security?”

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