Chapter 1751 Matter of Your Interest

At Crystal Blue, the discussion continues between Renan and the Mountain brothers.

Renan looks at the table kicked by Renan, “Poor table, Mr. Mountain.”

“Don't worry about it. I kicked the table thinking I'd kick your head!” Kelvin blusters.

“Should I take that as a threat?”

Daryl walks over and tries to lead the freak out, “Mr. Vasconcelos, there is not the slightest reason for you to stay here. Please, leave.”

“I just wanted to know how Melissa is doing!” Renan feels entitled to feel misunderstood, “Why do you think I want to hurt her?”

“Because you insist on being around her when she doesn't want you,” Daryl responds sagely.

“When she gets to know me better—”

Kelvin can't take it anymore and punches the businessman, knocking him out.

“KELVIN!” Daryl scolds him.

“Looks like this asshole only understands this language, Daryl!” Kelvin exclaims, “We've been asking him to leave for ages, but he won't!”

Renan wakes up from the temporary stupor and massages his sore chin, “Ouch... now the
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