Chapter 1754 The Police Do Their Job

Wallace can't take it anymore and punches William for all the evil things he's done to Vera. William is thrown onto the sofa.

“OUCH! I've been attacked again! What's wrong with you guys?”

Uélton asks, “What do you mean, you were attacked again?”

“That harlot has already slapped me for having told some truths.” William sits on the couch, caressing his sore jaw. He tastes iron in his mouth.

“What truths? You said I'm bringing my clients here as if this were a brothel!” Vera exclaims, “Wally, is this what happened?”

“Of course not.” Wallace responds with a gasp, “But it surprises me that William continues to have such an overactive imagination.”

Uélton adds, “Will, you are Beto's friend. Does he know how much you despise his sister?”

“I ain’t obliged to agree with her promiscuous life just because I’m Beto's friend,” William exclaims.

“Will, one day the truth will be exposed.” Vera exclaims in a bitter tone, “After that, I'll await your apologies. Excuse me, I need to take a shower.”

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