Chapter 1768 Secrets from the Fiancée

Josias is taken to Renan's provisional detention cell. When he finds him, his look is one of contempt and disgust.

Renan was unshaven and his clothes were frayed and fetid with sweat. On the other side of the cell was another detainee for another crime that we will ignore for the moment.

Renan smiles ironically when he sees Josias again, “Hey, you mean my denunciation paid off? They threw you to the joint, huh?”

Josias turns up his nose, “I came here just to tell you that your ruse didn't work, pal!”

Renan undoes the mocking smile, “What did you say?”

“Prison didn’t affect your hearing.” Josias counters, this time it's his turn to smile, “You tried to drag me into the mud with you without explaining to the sergeant how you got involved in the loan shark's story. A failed attempt, my comrade.”

Renan gets up, with a threatening face. If it weren't for the bars, there would have been a fight right then, “I was hoping you'd explain to the sergeant in my place.”

Josias is surprised by the
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