The Romanov Diadem: Oblast Dmitrovka

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The Romanov Diadem: Oblast Dmitrovka

By: Zoya Dmitrovka OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Viktor Gusev Konstantin, aka Viktor Czar Romanov, is the lost Crown Prince of the Romanov family. The 29-year-old man with a checkered past bears the surname Konstantin because he became a son-in-law of the wealthy Konstantin family in St. Petersburg, Russia. The man who was considered as useless in the Konstantin family never knew his identity until fate brought him together with his biological grandfatherーVladimir kovych Romanov. Is Viktor Gusev Konstantin the Crown Prince and successor to the Romanov family that Vladimir has been searching for? If so, will his life change? But if not, he will be regarded as useless by the Konstantin family forever.

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  • KidOO


    Ehem ... It's really fun to read this book. A good book, with complex characterization and plot. Cheer up Author! Keep updating the story.

    2024-02-02 21:16:19
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47 chapters
1. Retrospect
"Bozhe!" Bozhe is ... bozhe. Gosh! It's a Russian language, by the way.A noise from the family room woke up a 14-year-old boy who was sleeping. He opened his eyes wide, then sat hugging his knees on the bed. His blue eyes also hinted at fear.Before the boy had time to calm himself, the noise came again with the voice of an elderly, who he believed was his grandfather."Chto proischodit?" It has the meaning, "What's going on?" It's also Russian language. Please don't get confused.The boy lowered his voice. He tried to regulate the rhythm of his heart, which was beating faster and faster.His body shook violently from the moment he heard the first noise."Isn't that Grandpa Vladimir's voice?! My room is so close to the family room that it often makes me suffer from hearing adults arguing!"After exclaiming to himself, the boy got out of bed barefoot. He opened the wardrobe and looked for his coat while glancing at the clock on the wall, which never stopped ticking."It's 02.00 in the
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2. Super Rich Family
"Viktor, let me help you!"Xandrova looked at Viktor worriedly. Her beautiful face looked paler than usual."No, Zoya!"The sentence that Viktor had just spoken, of course, surprised Xandrova. For Viktor Gusev Konstantin, bearing his wife's surname was not a burden, as most people told him. However, it's not something to be proud of either."Why? I'm your wife, right?"Xandrova frowned as she waited for Viktor to answer her question."Yes! Precisely! Because you're my wife. I won't let you do heavy things like carrying these suitcases, Zoya."Viktor's baritone voice made Xandrova smile. Not because of his distinctive voice. It was because the meaning implied in the sentence Viktor just said was always able to hypnotize her and make her a valuable woman in his eyes."Viktor, Ya lyublyu vas!" Meaning, "I love you!"Xandrova briefly stood on tiptoe, then pressed her rosy lips to the surface of Viktor's cheek."Let's just go into our room, shall we?"Xandrova exclaimed after surprising Vi
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3. Maksim Smirnov Romanov
"Hello, good afternoon. Who are you looking for, My Lady?"Viktor was surprised when he opened his in-laws' hotel room door. He saw the figure of a woman standing with her back to him. Viktor managed to control himself, and then he smiled.Viktor took a few steps forward. The woman turned her body. How surprised Viktor was when the woman took off her sunglasses."Viktor, what took you so long? Did you know that I'm exhausted of waiting for you?"Viktor smiled as he took the hand of the woman who turned out to be Xandrova. He stared at her from head to toe."You are absolutely perfect, Zoya!"Viktor exclaimed with his eyes sparkling. Xandrova never expected this sweet treatment from her husband. It made her blush."Viktor, who's coming? Please invite our guest to come in, and don't let him be disappointed!"Galana's voice boomed from inside the hotel room. Viktor laughed a little at that.'Who did mom think came to visit them?' Viktor wondered in his mind."Did you hear Mom scream, Zoy
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4. Dear Agony
Maksim looked at Viktor questioningly. He waited for Viktor to explain the meaning of the sentence that had offended him."Tell me!"With a slight yell, Maksim ordered Viktor to quickly answer his question. However Maksim's bluster and sharp eyes didn't make Viktor's guts shrink. Instead, the man stared at Maksim as he pulls one corner of his lips up."For a man like you, shouldn't you be intelligent enough to understand my words, the honorable Mr. Maksim?!"Viktor grinned as he lightly tapped Maksim's left shoulder. He turned to Xandrova and found her looking at him. Viktor nodded to his wife."Come on, Zoya!"'Damn! How dare he mention my full name in an insulting tone! And, how dare he return my gaze,' Maksim is furious with Viktor's behavior. That poor guy shouldn't be able to move when I look at him, he continued inwardly.Viktor leaves with Xandrova, leaving behind his wife's family and Maksim, who is always trying to take Xandrova away from him. The man without a job held Xandr
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5. Between Angel and Insect
Maksim's deep voice ended Xandrova's photo op with fans. They all looked at Maksim, who had just arrived. Aware of Maksim's presence, Viktor rushed to return the smartphone belonging to one of the teenagers and pulled Xandrova's hand to stand by his side."Aーaren't you ....""Yes, I'm Maksim Smirnov Romanov. The ex-fiancé of this pretty lady that you all praise!"Maksim interrupted one of the girls' words while pointing at Xandrova with his chin. Maksim's arrogant attitude just now, of course, made Viktor angry."Can't you show some manners in public, Mr. Maksim? You won't abandon a basic manner just because you are rich, will you?"It didn't matter if it was a question or a condescending sentence from Viktor's mouth. Because to be honest, Viktor intended to humiliate Maksim at every opportunity."So, why did you fail to get married, Mr. Maksim?" Again, the blonde girl asked a striking question."Mr. Maksim. Now is a great opportunity to humiliate Mr. Viktor, and you can't just miss i
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6. Beliye Nochi
This summer was different for Viktor. He was no longer alone. He had married Xandrova cause of the great master of the Konstantin familyーGennadius Zigfrids Konstantin, who matched his only granddaughter with Viktor. Viktor was extremely happy, although he couldn't fully say he was happy as long as poverty lingered.Viktor and Xandrova walked along the Neva river. Neither of them had spoken since leaving Maksim earlier. They were busy with their own thoughts. Their presence attracted the attention of everyone who was there.Viktor tries to contain his anger in front of Xandrova. He didn't want to scare his wife or make her feel uncomfortable when he was with her. And, Xandrova realized that. "Viktor, I ...."Viktor stopped his steps when he realized that Xandrova wanted to say something. Viktor grasped both of Xandrova's hands. "What's wrong? Just tell me, Zoya!"Xandrova looked up to see Viktor's handsome faceーeven more handsome than her ex-fiancé. "'I'm...I'm...."Two pairs of bea
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7. Welcome Dinner
For anyone who lives in Russia, it's not unusual for the days to be long during the summer months. By dinnertime, the sky was as clear as day. Viktor and Xandrova arrive at the restaurant where their parents are waiting for them.Viktor follows Xandrova's steps, which suddenly stop. Viktor followed Xandrova's gaze and understood why his wife had stopped.'Oh, wait! Who is the man sitting next to Davidoff?' Viktor asked as he looked at Xandrova who was glancing at him."Should we just leave, Viktor?"The tremor in Xandrova's voice let Viktor know that his wife was uncomfortable with the mysterious man's presence."What's wrong, Zoya? Do you think the man sitting next to Papa David is your ex-fiancé?"Xandrova snorted, then gave a small nod."Who else could he be?"Viktor chuckled. He took Xandrova's left hand and grasped it."You can't always run away from him, Zoya. You have to face the reality in front of you no matter how bitter it is!"'Do you understand what I'm saying, Zoya? I on
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8. Davidoff's Trap
Davidoff asked as he put down his cutlery. He looked at Galana as he raised one eyebrow. "What do you think, Galana? Isn't that just a flower?"'Huh?! What?! Just a flower?! But did you know that every flower has its own meaning?!'Viktor looked at the red rose in Feliks' hand. Do you know the meaning of a red rose? That's right! Red roses symbolize love and affection. Unlike the other colors of roses. "Take that bouquet away from here!"Viktor had made a decision that surprised many. Feliks looked at his master to await further instructions. Not long after, Feliks nodded after Maksim snapped his fingers."Viktor, don't be stubborn!"Again, Davidoff reprimanded Viktor harshly. Likewise, Galana was just as upset as her husband. "How many times do I have to tell you, Viktor! It's just a bouquet of flowers.""Sorry, Ma. I stand my ground."True to his nature, Viktor was stubborn. And, he always stood his ground."Oh, it's okay, Pa, Ma. Every flower has its own meaning. But you don't h
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9. Xandrova Zoya Konstantina
Xandrova: Viktor, hurry up and come back! My parents and Maksim have set you up.Viktor read Xandrova's text message quickly. The message said that his parents-in-law and Maksim had framed Viktor.After learning what his in-laws had done, Viktor didn't stay silent. He ran to the door to leave his in-laws' room.Viktor's footsteps echoed through the corridors of the 7th floor of the Four Seasons Hotel. His only goal was to get Xandrova away from Maksim.***Too late! The table where he and Konstantin's family had dined last night was empty."Am I late? Where are you, Zoya?"Viktor regretted himself. He stopped a waitress who passed in front of him."Excuse me, miss. Did you see where the family eating dinner at the table went?"The waitress shook her head."I'm sorry, Sir. The family left ten minutes ago.""What about the lady in the family? Did you see her?"This time, the waitress nodded."The Young Lady you're referring to left with a man first."Viktor rubbed his face roughly. He k
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10. Scarlet Sails
"Yeah? What's wrong, Viktor? Have you finally changed your mind and let me see Beliye Nochi ?"Xandrova asked with full enthusiasm. He grabbed both of Viktor's hands.'Good grief! Who can resist Zoya's adorable face? He... he was like a white kitten teasing him to play.'Viktor said to himself while smiling. He didn't know and didn't understand why his heart always melted with Xandrova's adorable behavior."Okay... okay. However, promise to stay with me, Zoya!"A wide smile spread involuntarily on Xandrova's pink lips.Xandrova's blue eyes said thank you to Viktor without making a sound. Not thanking him for allowing her to see Beliye Nochi, but thanking him for being the most understanding and caring husband to her."Viktor, you're very handsome."Xandrova brought her husband's hands which she had been holding earlier to her lips. Then unexpectedly, Xandrova kissed him briefly."Humm?!"Viktor was fooled by Xandrova's words and behavior. His laughter suddenly broke out."Ha! Ha! Ha!
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