Chapter 1780 I Will Help

The next day, Josias met with Tiago and Octavio at his mansion. Katherine is serving breakfast instead of letting the maid do it.

Josias raises an eyebrow, “Honey, don't think you'll be able to join the conversation.”

“I don't think, I will.” Katherine sets the tray of bread and cheese and ham in front of him. J.J. starts laughing.

“The matter is too dangerous for you.” Josias starts again. Yesterday he sweated to keep Katherine out of the presidential office.

The maid who was supposed to serve breakfast appeared in the dining room, “Mr. Rocha, the gentlemen Bento and Motta appeared.”

“Ask them to have coffee with us.” Josias gestures with a warm smile.

But when the maid left, he returned to the serious face, “Honey, please, stay out of this matter.”

Katherine, on the contrary, pulls up a chair and sits down, “I already know that you had the loan shark killed and I am on your side.”

“I didn't kill the bastard!” Josias pummels the table, scaring J.J.

“Are you going to behave like that
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