Chapter 1781 Reanimating the Girlfriend

At the Rocha Mansion, Josias is forced to agree to Katherine's presence at the dinner table with Octavio and Tiago.

Octavio asks, “How did you find out, Kate?”

“I figured it out by intuition.” Katherine proudly responds, “Everyone refused to answer me, so silence was the answer I needed.”

“Sweetheart, this is all very irregular—” Josias tries to warn her.

But Tiago loses his temper, “Master, please, it's useless to stop the young madam.” He turns to Katherine, “I was the one who ordered the loan shark's death. Your fiancé doesn't have blood on his hands, but it was the moneylender or him.”

“I prefer my darling a million times over.” Katherine responds passionately, “I can't imagine what would happen if the loan shark were still alive.”

“He swears he didn't want to kill me, just collect my biological father's debt.” Josias comments sarcastically, “But I always refused to pay a debt that wasn't mine. I doubt that a violent guy full of henchmen would remain ‘peaceful’ and unpaid.”

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