Chapter 1799 Josias and Katherine Get Married (3)

Katherine is in one of the bedrooms checking her dress and makeup in the mirror. She is emotional and tries hard not to cry. Finally, the day she's been looking forward to has finally arrived! It was ironic that until 1995 she thought the battle was lost, but when Angela decided to become a bad person, Josias boldly kicked Angela out and singled her out.

One might imply that Katherine was the second choice, but she is too happy to care about that detail. So what if she was the second choice? It’s SHE who will walk down the aisle, confirm ‘I do’, and be Mrs. Rocha. What was the point of being the first and not getting the prize?

The door opens and Melissa enters the room. She is impacted for a moment and analyzes the bride. The white, lacy dress, with golden details on the train, a defined waist, and a voluminous skirt gave Katherine the appearance of a princess.

Melissa remembered that when it was her turn in 1984, her dress was much simpler. Is it '90s fashion, or did Josias take mor
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