Chapter 1800 Josias and Katherine Get Married (4)

Melissa meets with her family. Daryl and Diana arrive almost late and sit behind them.

Kelvin leans towards her, “Where have you been, honey?”

“I was talking to the bride, thinking she needed help.”

Kelvin smiles, “How lovely, honey, you helped the bride...”

“It wasn’t necessary.” Melissa responds dryly and faces the altar, “She was already dressed and made up by professionals. But I can't blame her. When I married Josias, I could count on my family and friends. Kate couldn't even count on the father who uttered curses when she tried to invite him.”

“Glad you understand, sweetheart.” Kelvin kisses Melissa's cheek.

Daryl is frowning and wanting to squeeze Melissa's neck, “Did you hear that, darling?” he whispered.

“Yes, and I don't mean to make a fuss about it.” She whispers back.

“She's comparing marriages—” Daryl cuts himself off as William takes a seat next to him, “Oh my God, did Josias invite you? I thought you hated him.”

“And I hate him.” William snorts, “The invitation came on
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