Chapter 1807 Feeling Guilty

Melissa is stunned when Alan arrives unexpectedly, and just with a scandalous question.

She takes a deep breath and decides to answer calmly, “Son, I'm not in love with your father.”

Alan makes a face that Melissa can't read. Disappointment?

“O really?” He finally confirms, “If you saw yourself in a mirror...”

“How I was?” Melissa smiles, deciding to take this topic as a joke.

“Like a little girl in love talking to someone from the Backstreet Boys.” Alan finally smiles.

Melissa bursts out laughing, “Son, what a scare! I thought you were asking seriously.”

Alan is slightly embarrassed. He WAS asking seriously, “Well... Kelvin can rest easy, right?”

“I won’t betray your stepfather just now that I have given birth to your brothers.” Melissa bends down and kisses her son's forehead, “Don't worry, young man, your mother won't create any scandal like Rosemary's mother.”

“She and Pedro still haven’t returned,” Alan notes this detail.

“Carmen said they're going to stay there. It's better than
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