Chapter 1821 Treacherous Mind

In the evening, Flavia is putting the dishes on the dinner table, but her brain is working above normal concerning the trip to Victoria. Uélton approaches her coming from work, showered, and wearing a woody perfume.

He approaches from behind and kisses his wife's neck, causing her to almost drop one of the dishes, “Oops, honey! Careful, don't scare me.”

“I didn't mean to scare you. I wanted to kiss you good evening!” Uélton reasons like a child.

Flavia's uncertainty only grows and she blurts out without thinking, “Let's leave Reuben at the Rocha Mansion!”

Uélton gets angry and grabs Flávia by the wrist, forcing her to turn around to face him, “Negative, my dear! Reuben will stay here at home with his dad! Why do we need to bother Josias at all?”

“I thought he was your best friend...” Flávia tries to free herself while uttering this lame excuse.

“No way.” Uélton scowls, “I want to spend more time with my puppy. Is this some crime?”

“It's a crime when you're the same mental age as him!”
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