The Rise of the Son-in-law:  Recasting the Glory of Alchemy

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The Rise of the Son-in-law: Recasting the Glory of Alchemy

By: Paradise D.J Updated just nowUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Edward did not expect that his wife, whom he had loved for many years, would betray him and make peace with another man; Edward also did not expect that he would meet his true love after the divorce. Under the double blow of body and emotion, Edward unexpectedly awakened to the mysterious alchemy inheritance and met the most important woman in his life. Recapture the glory of modern alchemy! When Edward stood at the top of the world, he held her hand and said sincerely, "Jessica, will you marry me?"

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  • Rex Magnus


    Great book

    2024-06-16 00:12:34
  • Moo Kaa


    liké this novel so far, but chapter 37 and 38 are the same .....

    2024-05-16 15:27:24
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55 chapters
Chapter 0001
Edward heard the voices of a man and a woman in the bedroom when he pushed the door open."Darling, hurry up... I'm cumming.""Hold on, I'm going for the final sprint.""Oh yeah, oh yes...Don’t stop!""......"And the sounds of the bed violently shaking were heard.Boom!Edward felt like he was being shelled, the bouquet of flowers in his hand dropped to the ground, his face turning pale.The woman speaking in the bedroom was Susan Carey.Susan was Edward's wife.In college, they were the enviable model couple.After graduation, he married into the Carey family and managed a small vet clinic.He loved Susan so much!Edward never expected that she would betray him.Hearing the man's heavy panting and his wife's wild moans in the bedroom, Edward became furious, clenched his fists, and strode angrily toward the bedroom.He wanted to drag out the two and give them a good beating!However, as his hand touched the doorknob, he suddenly calmed down.What good would exposing this affair do? Wo
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Chapter 0002
"Ah..."Susan let out a loud scream, startled. She quickly grabbed the blanket to cover her naked body, burying her head in it.William was also taken aback and hastily put on his pants.When he saw Edward, he couldn't help but breathe a sigh of relief and said with a smile, "Darling, look who's back?"As Susan peeked out from the blanket and laid eyes on her husband, she froze."Edward, why are you back at this time?" she asked."It is our third wedding anniversary today, and I wanted to come back early to surprise you. Out of my expectation, you guys surprised me first!" Edward's face darkened as he tried to control his anger.Susan instinctively tried to explain, "Edward, it's not what you think. William and I...""Are you going to tell me you were discussing work? In bed? And naked? ? Susan, when did you switch to make adult films?" The series of questions from Edward made Susan embarrassed and angry. She stopped explaining and coldly said, "I must have been blind to marry you. L
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Chapter 0003
"Mom..." Edward's voice sounded somewhat aggrieved.Mary glanced inside the apartment and instantly understood everything. Her gaze towards Edward also began to turn cold.Impatiently waving her hand, she said, "Since you already know, then you and Susan should divorce as soon as possible! Honestly, everyone agrees that you should get out of the Carey family! You're not even worthy of Susan!"Mary's words pierced his already broken heart like sharp arrows, one after another."Does Dyson agree too?" Edward couldn't help but ask.His father-in-law, Dyson Carey, got along well with him.Mary sneered, "This time, even if he doesn't agree, it doesn't matter! As long as the MC&Dickens Group and the Morgan family reach a cooperation, the Carey family can benefit as well. It’s involved in the family development, he can't decide!"With a disdainful look at Edward, she twisted her bulky waist and walked into the house like a proud hen.Edward said nothing more. The indifference of Susan and Mar
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Chapter 0004
Edward was shot."Damn..."He staggered forward a few more steps and finally fell on the main street.At that moment, a stretch Lincoln with a imperial capital license plate came to a steady stop in front of Edward.The window rolled down slowly, revealing a black-haired girl with delicate features
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Chapter 0005
"How do you feel?" Jessica curiously scrutinized Edward, as if something amazing had happened to him.Edward sat up hastily from the bed, asking nervously, "Who... who are you?"Jessica didn't seem in a rush to reveal her true identity and said, "Call me Jessica. Yesterday, you collapsed on the stre
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Chapter 0006
"Go to hell! You pervert!"The doctor erupted in anger as he heard Edward’s “condition”.In his mind, Jessica was an inviolable noble lady, but this strange man dared to have such disrespectful thoughts about her body.No! Absolutely not! Commoners must not defile princesses!Even the guards standin
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Chapter 0007
"You useless trash, hurry back! Where did you go?"As soon as the phone was picked up, Edward heard Susan's biting voice.Her malicious attitude made Edward furious."Why should I go back since you and William did something so shameless? You two dirty adulterers..."Before he could finish his senten
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Chapter 0008
"Edward, I'm getting more and more curious about you. Not only do you have amazing medical skills, but you are also proficient in combat." "Don't praise me too much, otherwise I will be proud." "But why don't you take action to beat the gang leader? What if he brings more danger to retaliate again
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Chapter 0009
Fifteen minutes later, the red Ferrari parked in front of a luxurious standalone mansion in the center of New Angelia. She handed Edward a key and said, "Edward, since you are currently homeless, you can stay here temporarily!" Edward stared in disbelief at the lavish house in front of him. After
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Chapter 0010
"Edward, you're disgusting! Are you tracing me? You stinky bird!" Susan got out of the car and cursed loudly. "We are divorced! Don't my happy life with William!" Susan stared at Edward with disgust. Edward coldly glanced at her and calmly explained, "I'm not following you. I live nearby." "You l
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