Chapter 1833 Canned Food

A few days passed. The book signing held in Victoria by Isabel was the biggest success. Isabel got a swollen hand from signing so much, but at the end of the queue with the last fan, she was smiling and satisfied.

One of the sessions was broadcast live on the state network. In Lagoon City, Uélton and Reuben recorded the transmission on cassette tape for posterity.

“Grandma Isabel will be proud when she finds out we recorded it, huh, dad?” Reuben suggests.

Uélton takes the cassette tape out of the VCR, “Yes, and we’ll remember this moment forever, or at least until the tape dies.”

“Why?” Reuben scratches his head.

Uélton sighs, “Because if there's one thing I've learned in this life, my son, it's that nothing lasts forever. That's why we have to enjoy the life that God has given us.”

“Like Grandpa Harold?” Reuben asks, a little sadly, “I wanted him at my wedding.”

Uélton goes to his room and Reuben goes after him, “Don't worry, son. I’ll, of course, be applauding this glorious moment.
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