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Scandious has no reason than to accept his fate, he have come to believe the insults, hardlabour, starving might be his destiny which he can't run from. having no relations made it worst. nobody to come for his resue giving more room to be treated according to there desire. He is a man of twenty years old who was blessed with unmeasurable power , his like a giant with his pointed noise , his hair were naturally curled making him unique, which made people envious an angry towards him asking why a slave is blessed with such handsomeness which added to there anger. On a faithful morning he was thrown on the street for no tangible reason,he helplessly walked to wherever his leg can carry him with no belongings. he thought he's world have come to an end having no other place to live,he decided to keep walking till he's leg become weak .on the road he meet a man who took him in not glancing at his dress. looking at Him, one will be discouraged to render a helping hand. His clothe are torn and worn out, his footwear and hair are nothing to talk about. he looks like a mad man which made people to avoid him while some curse him saying he's a curse child that's why he's parents abardoned him. However it was later unveiled, the prince who was declared dead years back was him though people didn't believe the rumor while some who knows him earlier believed on seeing him,he didn't believe at first but after evidence was showed to him,he realized is really him. following the incident it was made known they tried to murder him because of throne, filled with rage an he declared revenge on every soul that was involved.



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Chapter 1 Searching for my real self.
Scarlet who is known for her troubles entered her mother's room without knocking, there she saw her sleeping peacefully, tapping her on the shoulder, and she woke up facing her.What did you want in this middle of the night she asked with a sleeping voice.Are you going somewhere the mother asked, glancing at the time which was 12:pm early night? Go back to your room and don't come to this room again she said, facing the other direction of The bed ready to go back to sleep. No. I want to eat Scarlett replied bowing her head, did I hear you? the mother asked, trying not to believe her ears."Have you lost your mind?" who did you expect to do that at this time of the night? she asked Scarlett who was looking at the beautiful portrait, that was hung in the room like seeing it for the first. She didn't bother to listen to what her mother was saying but kept admiring the picture.Knowing Scarlett as someone who always gets what she wants, she stood up from her bed, let go she said leading
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Chapter 3 New discovery concerning the hidden.
"Your Highness someone is here to see you", the chief guard informed the king who was sitting on his throne.let him in he replied after a minute of silence.The king is known to be a man of his word.He always stands by the truth.Long live my king a man he greeted bowing his head. His about 189 cm in height with a pointed nose, his hair was curled, and his wrist contains a golden bangle. You can have your seat the king replied.How may I help you and who are you? asked the king.The young man politely introduced himself. For almost five (5) minutes nobody spoke a word, rather, they kept staring at each other. Since the incident which occurred years ago happened, the king was left miserable, always frowning his face and angry at any little thing which is unlike him. "He felt empty living without him a beloved son"."He loves his son so much because of how obedient he is, he takes care of him as his father and obeys him as the King"."He sees his father's states of happiness as his
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Chapter 2 The battle line has been drawn.
"Let me try my luck, I might be lucky this time who knows She thought to herself".Though she's sitting with her friends, her mind is far away from them, her mind is occupied with the debt she incurred which is eating her up.Babe, why is your face like this? Have you lost your prince charming or has he broken your heart they asked.Hearing different comments from her friends added more anger to her, stop she shouted hitting her hand on the table which made a loud noise taking them by surprise.Are you guys my friends? she asked annoyed by their behavior, is clear am not happy and you guys are here mocking me, which friend does that? she asked directing her angry gaze from one person to the other."Instead of consoling me, you guys are making a mockery of my predicament"."Am out of here she said leaving their mist angrily walking like a 'wounded lion'. What's wrong with her? Kate who happens to be the most beautiful among them asked if you ask me who will I ask Jane replied."Let's f
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Chapter 4 The Revelation.
What did you want she heard Scorpion asking, terrified by his voice, she held the phone tight to her ear, her heart beating fast. Can't you talk he asked not getting a response from her, have you lost your voice?Listen attentively, next time you call this line or disturb my life, you will regret it he informed me and disconnect the call. She became frightened as a result of how scary his voice sounded. Slowly, she brought down her phone like one in slow motion."This is seriously serious she reminded herself"Am screwed she shouted and throw her phone away.I have lost my money without getting what I what she reminded herself crying, I will follow the second option she encouraged herself wiping her tears with hope.Am I, not Scarlett the great she questioned herself, am coming for you Scandious, watch see she said to herself and laugh.Scandoius who has been helping Mr Williams to do his work, though he didn't ask him to, being trained by a disciplined man, he was made to know that
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Chapter 5 The confused mind, shocked to the marrow.
"So is she who sent those tugs to kill me, Has the hatred reached that level? , I know she disliked me but this is far he thought remembering how he overheard their conversation.He was passing when he heard his name called, he became curious to know what they are saying about his name not knowing the death they were plotting."His bone became stuff on hearing that". "Why is my life in this mess he soliloquized walking out of the house to an unknown destination"Being poor is the worst thing that can happen to a human being, if I have money or parents my life wouldn't have been like this. I will make sure not to cross their parts because if I get killed, nobody will know talkless of asking of me."Am poor with no family he thought with a heavy heart"As he was walking outside mindedly while crossing the road, he was hit by a moving vehicle, he fell on the floor, coming back to his senses he tried to stand up but was held back by the injury he sustained with brought excruciating pain
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Chapter 6 The devious helper.
The young man taped him, what are you doing in the rain, are you not feeling cold he asked Scandious who was sitting on a wooden chair lost in thoughts. Let's go to my house the man said leading the way. Is he a kidnapper or robber he asked himself?, though he doesn't appear like one who can predict, I heard they have different patterns of kidnapping according to how the victim is. This is the strategy they use in kidnapping people like me, anyhow it is am following him.Even though he is, he should have noticed I have nothing to offer instead he's adding problems to himselfI don't have any money with me so I will follow him after all I have nothing to lose he soliloquized walking fast to catch up with him.Here is where I live please manage with me. Don't be scared and come inside he said to Scandious. Feel free I don't harm he added seeing fear in his eyes, why did you help me he suddenly ask.Because you deserve it the man known as Me Zack replied, don't think about it, I lik
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Chapter 7 The essential target
Wake up someone is here to see you, you can sleep for months without complaining I pity you, better wake up Benedict said jokingly taping Scandious back." Can't I sleep peacefully again? he questioned immediately?, why not tell him to come back am sleeping as you see Scandious muttered closing his eyes.Get up from that bed Benedith said shaking his body.He hissed getting up from his bed. He heads straight to the sitting room with Benedith following him at the back.Where is the person he asked climbing down the stairs, reaching there, they didn't see anybody. Where is the person who's looking for me he asked for the second time. Looking around the sitting room he discovered nobody is there. Somebody was here when I left to call you, I can clearly remember is at this particular cushion he was sitting she said pointing at the exact place. I can see you wanted to disturb my sleep which you have succeeded Scandious said heading back to his room."Am sure of what am saying she shouted
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Chapter 8 The unknown, taken unaware.
Who are those people Benedith asked Scandious while staring at them. They came with their horses which made Benedith believe, they came from a far place. Their hands contain swords and their bodies were covered with black making it hard for people to recognize them.All this while, Scandious mind was occupied with how to approach them without a fight occurring. He silently prayed that nothing should happen to his family, they are all he got in life."If something should happen it should be me not them he silently prayed". We will conquer them Benedith assured him, thanks he replied staring at them through the window."Who are you and what brought you to my house? Mr Zack asked drawing near t them. At one point, he stopped walking and stood at a particular place. We are here for the Crown Crince their master said jumping down from the horse, you are at the wrong place Mr. Zack replied confidently.If I may ask, why are you looking for him he asked staring at them strangely, you are n
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Chapter 9 Out of the dark.
Don't take it to heart you have us who will stand by you, I know justice must prevail that's what am sure of Mr Zack consoled Scandious who looks sorrowful.You are lucky to have a good friend like Thaius and getting a family who cherishes you, together we will fight and win, just be careful with your moves by now am sure it has spread everywhere you are alive which your enemy won't ease till they get you out of the picture Me Zack advised holding his hand. The king decided to take a walk at the palace knowing his legs needs the exercise.walking quietly, the King overheard the Queen's palace maid gossiping with her colleague on how evil the Queen is, to the extent of harming the Crown Prince, though he's not her biological child by marriage he is, and she even went to the extent of hiring high-killers to kill him for the second time.What did you think is her reason for doing all this? the second maid whispered to her friend.I heard she wants her son to take over the throne knowing
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Chapter 10 Determined heart.
"Father remember my coronation is tomorrow, I want everything to go as planned his son said". I will have equal rights with the Crown Prince and nobody can stop me even the King. let me see how he will succeed to the throne he thought smiling mischievously.The king wanted to prolong the coronation but his wife kept reminding him is a deal and he can't go back on his words.I wish there was something I can do about it he thought sitting quietly on his throne.Hope you won't be absent on your son's coronation the Queen asked over the phone. I will be there, please look beautiful for me, I have missed you a lot added, am me too I will like us to make love to each other, so prepare yourself the Queen informed him." You have nothing to worry about, don't you trust me again?, you will get the one to plead for me to stop the receiver said, that's good the Queen replied and disconnected the call "Sighing in relief she brushed on remembering something". "Now the "Crown Prince will have to
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