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Picked from the gutter, he felt alive knowing at least he can get a drop of water to quench his dried throat not knowing the worst is about to befall him, this is no other person than Scandious. Scarlett who despised him with passion swore to make his life a living hell at all costs. For no just reason, he was Chased out of the house there and then, he realized what they had been saying is nothing but the truth "He's a cursed child". Determined to end his ill-fated life, he went to the mountain there he meet a man named Zack who saw the sadness in his eyes and took him in. One faithful morning he meet a young man who addressed him as the Crown Prince of the great Chankus empire bowing consecutively for him. Scandious walked away, calling him an insane man not ready to believe such lies, not somebody as poor and worthless as him. After much persistence, he gave it second thoughts and he was taken to the palace, seeing such a gigantic building frightened him the most. With time, he came to understand he was the Crown Prince which got him excited knowing his sad days are gone and replaced with joy. All this was cut short when a sudden attack was launched on him with a warning to leave the palace as soon as possible else he will be a dead man as if that wasn't enough, he discovered they tried murdering him three years ago. Who do you think is behind it and what's the King saying about it?

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    You can do more than this. Endeavor to use quotation marks, please. To be honest, it's a nice book.

    2023-12-08 22:33:33
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Chapter 1 Searching for my real self.
He had no hope no reason to live, so he decided to sleep until he was incapable of awakening again. He has tried everything to see if people will at least see him as human and show him some mercy.Over a week has passed since he last saw or consumed any food. He is begged individuals from all walks of life to try and feed him a spoonful of rice to quench his hunger. But nobody paid any attention to him.Some of them pushed him away, cursing him for bringing bad luck to them and telling him to check himself into the mental health facility where he belongs.Some flogged him out while others poured hot, boiled water over him. He tried to explain to everyone that he is not a bad person, but nobody listened to him.When he said, "Just a little food and water can save my life," he was actually biting his stomach and sobbing in agony on the ground.You appear to be very determined. Were you truly irritated by me? Do you have your evil hands out for me to see? Your friends were hard at work, w
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Chapter 3 New discovery concerning the hidden.
As the chief guard approached the king in his throne, he said, "My King, someone is here to see you."It took a minute for him to respond, "Let him in."It is well known that the king keeps his word.The truth is what he always stands by.He bent his head to greet the man, saying, "Long live my king." He stands at the height of approximately 189 centimeters, has a pointed nose, curly hair, and a golden bracelet around his wrist. The king answered, "You can have your seat."Who are you and how may I be of assistance? inquired of the king.With grace, the young man introduced himself. They stared at each other for nearly five (5) minutes without saying anything. The king had been miserable ever since the incident years prior. He always had a frown on his face and got upset at anything that did not look like him. "Living without him, his beloved son, felt empty to him.""The reason he loves his son so much is because he is so obedient—he treats him like a father and submits to him as
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Chapter 2 The battle line has been drawn.
When he realized what was happening, Mr. Williams decided to step in.He screamed, "Stop!" at the madman who was angrily berating the scandalous man for robbing him and striking the man in the head with his old spoon."So you are taking my food and clothes, he said?"He spilled a rotten egg he had seen on his face and said, "This beautiful pit is my house, which I am not going to share with you."He was not prepared to let Scandalous go, Mrs. Williams yelled again, stopping.Mr. Williams asked, "What did he do to you?" He threw everything that was put in front of him and yelled, "Who are you to ask me a question? "Calm down," Mr. Williams commanded, displaying bundles of cash."He was shocked as the insane man grabbed the money from him and fled right away."Avoiding physical contact with the deceased Scandalous, Mr. Williams approached him and grabbed him towards his vehicle.After bringing him to his home, he treated him.You are free to serve as my slave, but you will not be expec
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Chapter 4 The Revelation.
What did you want, Scorpion asked, as she heard him ask. His voice surprised her so much that she clutched the phone to her ear while her heart raced."Can not you talk?" he inquired. Do you no longer have voice? considering that he was not hearing back from her.You will regret calling this number or meddling in my life in the future, he said, hanging up the phone. Pay close attention. His voice sounded so scary that she started to get scared. She lowered her phone slowly, as if it were moving slowly."This is very serious," she told herself.Shouting, "Am screwed," she tossed her phone aside.She sobbed as she told herself, "I have lost my money without getting what I want." Wiping her tears with hope, she told herself, "I will go with option number two."Shaking her head, "Am I really Scarlett the Great? am coming for you, Scandalous? watch an see," she tildherself, laughing.Being taught by a disciplined man that helping people should be one of his priorities, Scandious has been
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Chapter 5 The confused mind, shocked to the marrow.
Is the person who sent those pulls trying to kill me? Has the hate reached that point? He reflected on how he had overheard their conversation and said, "I know she disliked me, but this is far."He did not realize they were planning his death when he heard his name and got curious to find out what they were talking about."Upon hearing that, his bone stiffened." "Why is my life such a mess?" he asked himself as he left the house for an unidentified place.The worst thing that can happen to a person is poverty; my life wouldn't have be very different if I had money or parents. I will make sure not to cross their lines because if I get killed, nobody will know, let alone ask for me."I am poor and have no family," he reflected, his heart heavy.He was walking outside mindlessly while crossing the street when he was hit by a moving vehicle, and he fell on the floor. Returning to his feelings, he tried to stand up but was held back by the injury he sustained, which caused excruciating
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Chapter 6 The devious helper.
As Scandalous sat on a wooden chair, lost in thought, the young man taped him and asked, "What are you doing in the rain, are you not feeling cold?" The man led the way and said, "Let us go to my house." The question crossed his mind, "Is he a kidnapper or robber?"I have heard they have different patterns of kidnapping depending on how the victim is, even though he does not seem to be able to predict. I am following him, is that the tactic they employ to kidnap people like me?Even though he is, he ought to have realized that I have nothing to offer and that he is only making things worse for himself.I will follow him because I do not have any money on me. Moving quickly to catch up with him, he pondered, "After all, I have nothing to lose."Please be understanding with me; this is where I live. He exclaimed to Scandalous, "Do not be afraid and come inside." Go ahead, I will not hurt you. With a look of fear in his eyes, he continued, asking abruptly, "Why did you help me?"The
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Chapter 7 The essential target
Wake up someone is here to see you, you can sleep for months without complaining I pity you, better wake up Benedict said jokingly taping Scandious back." Can't I sleep peacefully again? he questioned immediately?, why not tell him to come back am sleeping as you see Scandious muttered closing his eyes.Get up from that bed Benedith said shaking his body.He hissed getting up from his bed. He heads straight to the sitting room with Benedith following him at the back.Where is the person he asked climbing down the stairs, reaching there, they didn't see anybody. Where is the person who's looking for me he asked for the second time. Looking around the sitting room he discovered nobody is there. Somebody was here when I left to call you, I can clearly remember is at this particular cushion he was sitting she said pointing at the exact place. I can see you wanted to disturb my sleep which you have succeeded Scandious said heading back to his room."Am sure of what am saying she shouted
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Chapter 8 The unknown, taken unaware.
Who are those people Benedith asked Scandious while staring at them. They came with their horses which made Benedith believe, they came from a far place. Their hands contain swords and their bodies were covered with black making it hard for people to recognize them.All this while, Scandious mind was occupied on how to approach them without a fight occurring. He silently prayed that nothing should happen to his family, they are all he got in life."If something should happen it should be me not them he silently prayed". We will conquer them Benedith assured him, thanks he replied staring at them through the window."Who are you and what brought you to my house? Mr Zack asked drawing near t them. At one point, he stopped walking and stood at a particular place. We are here for the Crown Crince their master said jumping down from the horse, you are at the wrong place Mr. Zack replied confidently.If I may ask, why are you looking for him he asked staring at them strangely, you are not
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Chapter 9 Out of the dark.
Though it wasn't an easy task to make Scandious accept the fact he's the Crown Prince.With the help of Mr. Zack who kept telling Scandious to think about it daily, stating he will see reasons to believe is the truth"Why is it you they are after"?"Can't you ask yourself how they locate our house, can you remember the movements Benedith heard a few days ago which we overlooked and called her"?.They're doing all this because you're the Crown Prince who survived their attack, and they will stop at nothing till you're dead.If you're not someone important they won't come after your life, these are things you should think about before concluding except if you want to die untimely."Do you think you would've been alive if not for that young man who came to your rescue"?I've thought about it as an adult and I found out you're the person he said you are.I saw the picture of the Crown Prince, to be honest, there's no difference between you two. Both the height and the complexion though you
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Chapter 10 Determined heart.
"Father remember my coronation is tomorrow, I want everything to go as planned his son said". I will have equal rights with the Crown Prince and nobody can stop me even the King. let me see how he will succeed to the throne he thought smiling mischievously.The king wanted to prolong the coronation but his wife kept reminding him is a deal and he can't go back on his words.I wish there was something I can do about it he thought sitting quietly on his throne.Hope you won't be absent on your son's coronation the Queen asked over the phone. I will be there, please look beautiful for me, I have missed you a lot added, am me too I will like us to make love to each other, so prepare yourself the Queen informed him." You have nothing to worry about, don't you trust me again?, you will get the one to plead for me to stop the receiver said, that's good the Queen replied and disconnected the call "Sighing in relief she brushed on remembering something". "Now the "Crown Prince will have to
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